The first Annual Eastwoodhill Arboretum conference


We just heard about the Eastwoodhill Arboretum conference from Barry Foster from the NBA that is is happening in Gisbourne on 26-27 April 2013. If you are the area it looks like a great place learn about how to help the bees…

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NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference 2013

This post is about the NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference that Gary spoke at over the weekend. This includes the full speech and slide show for people that didn’t make the event or for anyone that wants to relive the talk.

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Beekeeping Presentation to the local board

Tonight we went along to the Henderson/Massey local board to present a proposal to add a local Beekeepers swarm catcher’s list, to the Auckland Council’s knowledge database, for call centre and license and compliance teams.

Henderson Massey local board,full bee suit,Earthbound Honey,Assid Corban

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