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The Kiwimana-Meshboard : A screened Bottom Board

My meshboards work a treat and help me keep an eye on what’s happening

I would heartily recommend the kiwimana mesh boards!!

Wendy – Auckland

Good communication. Happy to trade again…
Graham – Tokoroa

Great and Great. Kind people.Thanks you john

John – Palmerston North

Hi Gary, I fitted the bottom-board last night (to replace a solid one) and the main thing I’ve noticed is that the bees aren’t bearding anywhere like they were before. The hive is in a north-facing location and has clear sun from around 1000 – 1600 at this time of year.

My local bee-mentor (who supplied the nuc) uses mesh bottom-boards and she has quite a lot of bearding so we put it down to genetics. However this environmental change does seem to have changed the bee’s behaviour dramatically.

My main comments would be that it is a substantial piece of equipment, well designed and made. And after this morning’s ABC demo’s on Varroa monitoring the counting-board insert will be very useful for drop-tests.

Paul – Auckland

Kiwimana Drone Management Frame

Great trader – highly recommend. Thanks for all the help and communications