3 thoughts on “Kim Pezza – Author of Keeping Honey Bees – KM034

  1. Great podcast. I am a beekeeper and very interested in learning more about homesteading and self reliant living. Thanks so much for sharing so much information with all of us!

    1. Thanks Brian for the feedback, love your website as well. How long have you been keeping bees?


  2. I was sad to listen to your podcast with Kim Pezza concerning her book about keeping honey bees. Listening to her it is obvious that she has no experience with bees, raising bees, and has no knowledge of what it would take to actually keep bees. I have been keeping bees for 5 years and recognize that her bee experience is no more than a person who has attended a talk on bees. The interviewer asked questions that showed her ignorance about bees, let alone her ignorance about beekeeping. I would be embarrassed if I were Kim but admire her chutzpah in writing and being interviewed about beekeeping. People like her tend to give real beekeepers a bad name.

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