Beekeepers Beeginuzz Kit…Without Bees…

$265.00 (GST Included)

This kit includes everything you need to start a new hive (minus the Bees), Everything is ready to go. Includes Hive Boxes, Roof, baseboard and Frames with wax.

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Here is a new product from us, introducing the kiwimana “Beekeepers Beeginuzz Kit”.

This is the way to start beekeeping. Everything is ready to go.

    It includes all the parts of the hive, this includes:-

  • A solid bottom board
  • Two full sized hive boxes, painted with linseed oil.
  • Twenty frames assembled wired with waxed foundation.
  • A hive mat and a closed steel roof

So get your beekeeping started now.

Make this the year you start helping and keeping bees. You will need to add a colony of bees to this kit.

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