The Bee Friendly Garden by Doug Purdie

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The Bee Friendly Garden is a guide for all gardeners great and small to encouraging bees and other good bugs to your green space.

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Bees are our most important pollinators and they are in decline the world over. They love to live in urban environments, where it's a short flight path from one type of plant to the next. But conventional gardens that favor lawns and pesticides over flowers and edible plants are scaring the good bugs away…

The Bee Friendly Garden is a guide for all gardeners great and small to encouraging bees and other good bugs to your green space…


  • How bees forage and why your garden needs them
  • A comprehensive plant guide to bee friendly plants
  • Simple changes anybody can make
  • Ideas for gardens of all sizes
  • Natural pest control and companion planting advice

Here is a review from one of readers Lisa:-

Readers review

Lisa Morrissey – January 2017

What a beautiful book not only from a visual perspective but as a guide filled with useful observations, practical learning's, tips and how to's on “Easy ways to help the bees and make your garden grow”.

Doug Purdie does not just write about what he has learnt over many years of observation and experience he shows you. The images in the book are worth a 1000 words in themselves. He has then added snippets of relevant information to each image, enabling you to skip around the book, if you are in a hurry but still learn important and immediately useful facts.

This will inspire you to read more because you won't want to put the book down once you start, Doug takes you on a journey of bee's, insects, your garden (because it feels like he is talking directly to you) and people, explaining were we can help each other best and where we all fit. He doesn't pull any punches on the good, bad or ugly if you are a person or an insect but he has written the book in such a way that you have the means to act and think a little differently which is good for the bees and in turn for us.

This is truly an inspiring book, even with the many Australian specific references to climate, plants and insects which can be translated to New Zealand conditions and globally as it gives you the tools to do a little of your own research and have a go in your own back yard. A must read for any bee lover or keen gardener but I think everyone should read it. It will enrich your life and practices in our natural environment. One of my favorite sections of many was the “Bee Motel” for native bee's…I love it.

Thanks Lisa for writing this review

Author Biography

Doug Purdie is the co-founder of The Urban Beehive, which manages over 100 hives around Sydney. He teaches beginner beekeeping courses and is the author of Backyard Bees. You can listen to our interview with Doug HERE

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ISBN : 9781743367568
Publisher : Murdoch Books
Imprint : Murdoch Books
Publication date : July 2016


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