Bees Cluster Together

A cosy time with the Franklin Bee Club

Today the weather in Auckland wasn’t the best, we did hear there was a cold storm coming from the south. We travelled down to Franklin to attend the monthly bee club meeting. A heavy shower hit the site when we arrived. An omen of things to come. Peter Smith started the meeting with a discussion[…]Read More

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Margaret Checking Frames

Remove Apistan from Honey 1 and Bought a Queen for Mokoroa

Busy day in the Bee Gardens today, here is what we did broken down by hive name. Honey 1 We removed the Apistan Strips from Honey 1, it’s been seven weeks now. The Bees have expanded quite a lot, so it was time to put on a ¾ box of frames to start collecting some[…]Read More

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Removing the Apistan Strips

Well its week seven and we planned to removed the Apistan strips this week, the plan was if this weekend was bad weather (which to be honest in this Auckland Winter that’s most weekends), we would remove them next weekend. But we woke this morning to a nice clear sky day with no rain predicated[…]Read More

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Feeding and Final Sugar Shake

Honey 1 Sugar Shake Today was the day to do the final sugar shake of Honey 1. We purchased a coffee grinder from the local hardware store. This helped us produce our own icing sugar without the cornflour that is usually included in icing sugar. We did the sugar shake with the ground sugar, and[…]Read More

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Honey 1 and Queen rearing take 2

The weather in New Zealand is Great today, so it was time to check Honey 1 for any issues. Happy to report that no AFB (American foul brood) was located. Did spot one case of Sac Brood. And spotted many varoas mites in the drone brood. Hopefully the Apistan still in the hive will deal[…]Read More

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Black Comb and Bee Goldie

Goldie gets some Apistan strips treatment

Did the inspection of Goldie today, the weather was patchy today. So couldn’t get started until after two pm. Took a while to light the smoker as most of the wood is also damp.

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