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Our Varroa mite plan this season

This was a question posted in by one of our readers, Sophie asks:- How can a New Zealand beekeeper keep their bees alive every year? Well this is a good question, over recent times bee-keepers are having trouble keeping bees … Continue reading

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Kiwimana Drone Management Frames For Sale!!!!

We have listed the Drone Management Frames we built on Trademe, if you are interested check out the auction by clicking on the link below:- TradeMe Auction fro Kiwimana Drone Management Frames Here is some information about the frame. In … Continue reading

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Honey 1 – Inspection “Can organic Beekeeping work in this hive?”

Removed the roof and noticed some dampness at some of the corners of the roof, will need to investigate this further. I inspected both brood boxes and it is evident that the hive is rather infested with Varroa Mites. I … Continue reading

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Inspection of Honey 1 – The Queens Great Escape

Checked the weather forecast and it looked good until tomorrow, it has been predicated to rain tomorrow. Started the inspection at 2:30 PM. Started the inspection by taking off the roof, no sign of comb or Bees in the new … Continue reading

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Honey 1 and Queen rearing take 2 part 3

Well it’s been seven days since we moved the Millar Frame into the centre of Honey 1, so we checked it today to see if the Bees had built any wax on the comb and more importantly laid some new … Continue reading

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Battle against Varroa

We put in some Apistan strips in Honey 1 today. We are going to look into using the sugar shake method over summer, but the mite count is high enough that we did need to treat them. Not keen on … Continue reading

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