Old Queen Cell

Never hold a frame full of bees away from the hive

What Happened A couple of weeks back we had an incident with the Remuera 1 hive. We were inspecting frames and the queen must have fallen from the it. When we were cleaning up after the inspection, we noticed a large cluster of bees gathered on the ground and then to our horror we noticed[…]Read More

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AFB Check at Earthsong

Went along to check on a hive at the Earthsong, which is an Eco-Neighbourhood project based in Ranui in West Auckland. For more information about this project please check out their web site http://www.earthsong.org.nz It seemed like a great place indeed very peaceful with loads of gardens about. Conny had asked us to come and[…]Read More

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Claudelands Conference Centre

NBA Workshop – 26 July 2012 – Hamilton

The team at Kiwimana went along to the NBA (National Beekeepers’ Association of NZ) Workshop in Hamilton at the Claudelands Conference Centre.

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More Crazy Comb

Foundationless frames no good for brood frames

We have been experimenting with foundationless frames and getting the bees to create their own foundation. The problem with doing this on brood frames is that the bees tend to create more drone comb and we would rather their build this in our drone management frames. So we can keep varroa numbers lower. Drone management[…]Read More

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Bees to be sent away

Inspecting Hives and Sending Bees in the post?

It was time to inspect hives today in between painting bee hive boxes and dodging the ever-present rain in Auckland. Isn’t it meant to be summer here? These are some notes from the inspections today:- Taupaki 1 Hive is very strong and doing very well, loads of bees in the brood area and their have[…]Read More

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