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Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites – Part 1

We starting selling a new beekeeping product a couple of weeks back, “The Robinson Vaporiser”, we have conducted the following test to see if it works as designed. Here is our observations and how you use the vaporiser.

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Vents before Mesh

Wrapping up your bees with a moisture quilt?

Winter is just around the corner, so it’s time to get the bees ready for winter. Your bees should have been treated now and have low mite counts. Now it is time to think about how to reduce moisture in your hives over the winter months.

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Removing the Apistan Strips

Well its week seven and we planned to removed the Apistan strips this week, the plan was if this weekend was bad weather (which to be honest in this Auckland Winter that’s most weekends), we would remove them next weekend. But we woke this morning to a nice clear sky day with no rain predicated[…]Read More

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Claudelands Conference Centre

NBA Workshop – 26 July 2012 – Hamilton

The team at Kiwimana went along to the NBA (National Beekeepers’ Association of NZ) Workshop in Hamilton at the Claudelands Conference Centre.

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Varroa Mite

Treating our new Hives with Api Life Var

In between collecting swarms we checked on our new hives today and treated them with “Api Life Var” the organic mite treatment, the mites counts have been low but we have been told that treating a hive with low brood is more effective. So lets see what happens. So in summary this is what we[…]Read More

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Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites – Part 2

In part 2 of the article we answer the question “Can vaporising Oxalic acid crystals with the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites?”

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The Franklin Bee Club and the Kiwimana Meshboard

We went along to the Franklin Bee Clubs Meeting, today’s discussions were about varroa mites, Gary did a presentation about our Kiwimana Meshboards. We discussed the benefits and how you count mites with them.

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Api Life Var and the Mokoroa Hive

Well today was the day to treat the bees, my package from BeeGreen arrived today. I have placed a wafer in the top of Mokoroa. You break up the wafer into two pieces, but the way I opened up the package it became four pieces 🙂 I closed off the Screened bottom to help the[…]Read More

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