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Visiting Peter and Ceracell

Today got up early and drove to Ceracell to pick up some much needed supplies, we needed some frames to put into our boxes we have made. We also needed to visit Peter in Rangiriri to pick up the NUC … Continue reading

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Franklin Bee Club and Tana Umaga?

We got up late today after a late night at an engagement party last night congrats to Ben and Lorelle. Anyway we stopped off at a cafe on the way and who should we run into but Tana Umaga the … Continue reading

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Helping Rocky

A new bee keeper who lives in the local area asked me to come up and give him a hand with moving his new NUC to a full sized hive. It’s always great to see new enthusiastic bee keepers. The … Continue reading

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New Start with Bethells 1

We purchased a new NUC from Rosemary today. The new colony has been named Bethells after our favourite beach. Bethells Beach isn’t too far from the Kiwimana HQ. We are very lucky to be so close to such a great … Continue reading

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Giving Queen Rearing a Go!!! Part 2

We got some new supplies yesterday and today we set up some new NUCs. We checked out the frame that we put into Honey 1 the other day. The bees had expanded the comb and the Queen (which we saw … Continue reading

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Death of Mokoroa

Our NUC experiment was a failure; the Bee’s were not able to create a new Queen. I suspect because the brood we gave then was over a week old. The hive does have some activity but there is no new … Continue reading

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Mokoroa Inspection

Visited the Mokoroa NUC today, the Queenless NUC experiment. Well no surprise but no new brood, as I also suspect no queen as well. No Queen cells have been created, and the base of the NUC has around twenty dead … Continue reading

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Screened bottom board, We made our first one

I finished our new Screened bottom board today, I added a Varroa Mite inspection mat that is just a piece of plastic. Part of the same sheet of plastic that is also the roof of our NUC box. The mat … Continue reading

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Weather Not good in Waitakeres

Well we were unable to open the hives yesterday, as it was raining most of the day. Bee’s are still bearding around Honey 1, even in the rain. They have formed little lines of Bee’s, so we will leave them … Continue reading

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