Inspection of Honey 1 – The Queens Great Escape

Checked the weather forecast and it looked good until tomorrow, it has been predicated to rain tomorrow. Started the inspection at 2:30 PM. Started the inspection by taking off the roof, no sign of comb or Bees in the new “Kiwimana bee hive roof”. Looks like the bees don’t see the roof as an extension[…]Read More

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Feeding and Final Sugar Shake

Honey 1 Sugar Shake Today was the day to do the final sugar shake of Honey 1. We purchased a coffee grinder from the local hardware store. This helped us produce our own icing sugar without the cornflour that is usually included in icing sugar. We did the sugar shake with the ground sugar, and[…]Read More

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Reading to Start Sugar Shake

Honey 1 – Second Sugar Shaking the hive II

Well it was a nice day in the hills of West Auckland, so it was time to do the second sugar shake treatment on Honey 1. I made it a bit easier this time, I sieved all the icing sugar or (powdered sugar for our American readers) in the Kitchen beforehand. So I only took[…]Read More

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