Honey 1 – Inspecting the merged hive

I did a full inspection of the new merged hive today and all looked great, did spot a varroa mite on the back of one of the workers. So will have to treat for them when the supers are all off. As described last week, the hive has three brood boxes and a super on[…]Read More

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Honey 1 – Inspection “Can organic Beekeeping work in this hive?”

Removed the roof and noticed some dampness at some of the corners of the roof, will need to investigate this further. I inspected both brood boxes and it is evident that the hive is rather infested with Varroa Mites. I noted some bees with Deformed Wings and even spotted some mites on Bees. So this[…]Read More

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Black Comb and Bee Goldie

Goldie gets some Apistan strips treatment

Did the inspection of Goldie today, the weather was patchy today. So couldn’t get started until after two pm. Took a while to light the smoker as most of the wood is also damp.

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