The Kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Podcast #15 – Bear Country Bees

Bear Country Bees

Wanted Llama

This is our fifteenth podcast and this time we have a chat with Cody, Bryce and Bret MacCabe from Bear Country Bees. Bret and his sons run a beekeeping company in Salem, Utah which in the United States of America.

They have a useful web site with some good information and recipes. There web site is HERE

You will have to listen to the show to find out what the Llama is all about :D.

Have a listen to the audio by clicking the play button above.

Sorry the sound wasn’t the best at the start, we had an issue in the first five minutes.

Here is the video of the interview:-

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About Gary Fawcett

Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop. He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping. Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment. He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.

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