Top Free Beekeeping Podcasts


Here is a list of current beekeeping podcasts, we think are useful. If you know of any new Beekeeping podcasts. Please get in touch and we will add them to the list.

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time when you exercising or building frames. Check them out, I listen to podcasts on my way to work. Nothing like learning while stuck in the Auckland Traffic. Didn't the late Zig Ziglar call that “Automobile University”?

These shows all have had new content in the last three months. If you like the podcast be sure to email the owner or leave an iTunes review for them.

Not sure what a podcast is, check out our article “What is a Podcast?

This list was last updated Friday, 29 December 2017

Current Podcasts

These are current shows that have released new content in the last three months.

Bee Smart: The Beehooligans

Bee Smart: The BeehooligansWeekly round table chats with the Beehooligans and regular guests, about beekeeping and other off topic subjects that take the groups fancy.

Hive Talk with David and Jon

Hive Talk with David and JonHiveTalk is a call-in radio style show hosted by Master Beekeepers David Burns and Jon Zawislak. The show has started up again after a three-year break. The show is recorded live every week and you can call in and ask your Beekeeping Questions. It worth a listen to hear the pearls of wisdom from this experienced commercial beekeepers.

kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Show

kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping ShowOur beekeeping show recorded in the hills of West Auckland in New Zealand, we talk to beekeepers from around the world. We also discuss Beekeeping news and give tips and tricks about beekeeping.


Pollination A podcast run by Professor Andony Melathopoulos from the Oregon State University. He interviews researchers, land managers and concerned citizens about Pollinator Heath.

The Barefoot Beekeeper

The Barefoot BeekeeperPhil Chandler's podcasts are on many topics, but usually revolve around keeping bees in the most natural way possible. Phil advocates Top Bar Hives, but many of his techniques and practices could be adapted for other types of hives. Phil lives in the Cornwall region of England.

The Beekeepers Corner Beekeeping Podcast

The Beekeepers Corner Beekeeping PodcastA great podcast from the Master Kevin Inglin who lives in New Jersey, USA. Kevin does a lot research for his shows. So you will learn lots of great information about recent conferences and released studies.

The Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast

The Treatment-Free Beekeeping PodcastA podcast all about Treatment free beekeeping, the host Solomon Parker also runs the Treatment Free Facebook page. He interviews beekeepers from around the world. If you interested in treatment free beekeeping check out this podcast.

Gone but not forgotten

These shows are still available, but haven't released a show in the last three months. Podcasts that are no longer available will be removed from this list.

Bees and Such

Bees and SuchThis is podcast brought to you by Lauren and Aaron from Jennings Apiaries in Louisiana in the USA. It's a podcast aimed at hobbyist, sideliner and small scale commercial beekeepers interested in bee friendly hive designs and the practical side of the beekeeping business and marketing.

Honey Bee Man

Honey Bee ManThis is a great series that Mark the Honey Bee Man recorded back in 2007, he goes through ten lessons in getting started with beekeeping. It may be old, but hey we are all using 200 year old beehives. I recommend the series for anyone starting out with beekeeping.

The Beehive Jive

The Beehive JiveA podcast from South London, Beekeeping friends Tracey and Paul chat about bees and their beekeeping experiences.

The Honest Bee

The Honest BeeFinally a Canadian podcast about beekeeping. Carolyn Essaunce from the Honest to Goodness Farm Company produces this podcast about her adventures with bees.

Thinking Bee Podcast

Thinking Bee Podcast Stuart’s podcast is a beekeeping and agricultural centered podcast, where he talks with other beekeepers and people involved in other areas of agriculture. Sadly he hasn't released a new show in quite a while.