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6 Big Reasons Why Rural Life Might Be The Best Option For You

Some people get to the stage where they can't live in the city anymore. They feel trapped and they want to escape to the middle of nowhere. Living in a rural area can be a lot of fun and we're going to look at some of the reasons some people prefer it to living in the city.

Think of all that privacy

photo credit: Weisseespitze via photopin cc
photo credit: Weisseespitze via photopin cc

Have you ever felt the need to walk around in your garden naked when the sun was out? I know you probably haven't, but when you live far away from everyone else you can do whatever you want. There will be no loud noises you have to endure when you're trying to relax. People won't be able to spy on you when you're sunbathing next to the pool. You will have complete privacy which is something a lot of people would really appreciate.

Pay less money for your home

There aren't too many great homes on the market in the middle of the city, so when you decide to put in an offer you will be competing with hundreds of other people. This means the person selling their home will be able to inflate the price because they know someone will pay more than the house is worth. When you buy a home in the middle of nowhere you won't be competing with too many people so you're more likely to find a great deal.

You're much closer to nature

Why would you live anyway else

If you love nature it's sometimes annoying walking out your home and coming face-to-face with a busy road. If you look out of your upstairs window you might be lucky to see a few trees. Nature lovers will love living in the country because they will feel like they're living in paradise. If you wanted to walk through the forest you would have one next to your home. You might even live close to a river or a mountain, so you'll always have something to do.

A lot less crime to worry about

It's sometimes scary living in the city because there are a lot of bad characters walking around and they sometimes get tempted to break the law. You might already think twice about going out at night because people are always looking for trouble. Houses are broken into every night and more serious crimes are common too. Living out in the country is not 100% safe, but there is definitely less crime to deal with.

There is less pollution

Do you know how many people drive around in cars where you currently live? There are thousands and thousands of cars on the road, so it's not surprising how much pollution you find in a city. Don't forget about all those smoking factory chimneys too. If you don't breathe fresh air very often you will love living in more rural surroundings because pollution hardly exists. The worst thing you have to deal with is the smell coming from the field of cows.

You can have lots of pets

Hives that we soldPets and cities don't go well together for obvious reasons. It's not like you can let your dog run around on its own and if you don't have a large garden you will have to take it walks all the time. Because you'll have a lot more open space in the country you can let your pets run around as they please. It's also hard keeping more than one or two pets if you live in the city, but in the country you can keep as many as you want.

Is the rural life for you?

You have a lot of things to think about, but hopefully you're excited by the things we've spoken about today. I'm sure there are a few things you won't love about rural life, so you now need to go away and decide what you're going to do.


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