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A Day of Inspections

Great place for bees

It was a great day, maybe the best of days. So I headed to the organic farm that we have now have hives on. We needed to do Inspections on the three swarms, we picked up a couple of weeks ago. See the blog post “The tale of three swarms”

The Hives Inspections

Organic Farm

All hives were doing great and it’s such a magic spot, it makes you yearn to do this kind of work everyday. Oh maybe one day when we win the lottery…

New Eggs Closeup

We added a new level onto the Henderson 1 hive, the other two colonies are doing great. Glendene 1 didn’t have any brood in the lower box, so I reversed the boxes. So now the top is empty and the bottom is full, bees normally work upwards, so this will give the bees more space to build.

Things at the kiwimana HQ

I then went home and helped Margaret inspect the other hives that needed to be checked. At this time of the year, we check them every two weeks.

Remuera 1

Remuera 1 Queen

We checked the Remuera 1 hive, these guys are still pretty weak, but are building up nicely. They have four frames of brood and we spotted the queen. We reduced down the entrance to a few bee spaces and left them to it.

We are still having issues with the odd German wasp/yellow jacket.

Glen Eden 2

Glen Eden 2 Merger

This hive has lost it’s queen, despite the huge amount of bees in the hive. No queen or brood/eggs were located. So we needed to make a decision on how we cold help these girls out. We decided to merge them with the swarm from Swanson 1.

We employed the newspaper method and will report how they get on, the swarm only had around four frames of bees. So will they will gain a large population of field bees in the merger. We thought this would be the quickest way to get this hive working again. We will look at splitting them once the hive numbers have built up In a few weeks.

Whenapai 1

Busy Bees

Margaret inspected this hive and discovered that a nest of ants have taken up residence between the hive mat and the tin roof. Bees and ants generally can co-exist with no issues. We will need to look at some organic methods to reduce the ants.

The bees are doing very well and we are very happy with this hive. This is the hive we used the Robinson Vaporiser on, and they numbers have increased. No bees had deformed wing virus, the mite levels are very low in the hive.

We will look at splitting this hive next weekend, once they have built up enough brood in the hive.

All in all a great day to be inspecting hives, and wow we are up to date with our inspections.

We ended the day by going to the beach for walk…

Thanks for reading our ramblings guys….Gary and Margaret.

Here are all the pictures:-


Gary Fawcett

Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop.He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping.Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment.He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.
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3 thoughts on “A Day of Inspections

  1. When I had ants in the same place, just grabbed a handful of grass and stuck it under the lid. For some reason the ants don’t like the smell of the decaying grass and left. Doesn’t get much easier than that!!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the feedback, we have also heard that coffee grounds work well as well.

      I guess we could throw some of them under the lid.

      Never heard of grass clippings, but that would require us to cut the grass Chris. Coffee grounds would only need us to make a pot of coffee 🙂 Decisions, Decisions…

      See ya…Gary

  2. Just rip up a handful, but don’t do it from the front of the hive – guard bee took exception to being disturbed and told me so in no uncertain terms !!

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