About Us

What is Kiwimana? What are we about? This page is about us…

photo courtesy of Aaron Hutching
photo courtesy of Aaron Hutching

Kiwimana is about our “kiwi spirit” and we want to use that spirit to promote the keeping of Bees, encourage healthy land management practices and create dialogue with the community to support our endeavours. We want other Bee enthusiasts, gardeners & local producers to Bee part of our journey.

Our apiary is located at Kiwimana HQ and currently we have eight Hives. Our apiary is used to field test our “hand built” products, which we design and build on-site. Our “hand built” products are each unique, yet all maintain standard dimensions required to meet the Beekeepers needs. We also promote and stock products from other local producers.

Our Shop

If we don’t stock something that you are keen to buy, then please email us with the request and we will see if we can supply it for you.

We are passionate about supporting New Zealand businesses, in the products we sell. So if you have a product that you feel would fit, please get in touch.

Some of our items are made in house, so sometimes stock can run out in periods of high demand. If an item is out of stock, please send us an email with what you would like to order. Join our mailing list to hear about when new stock arrives.

We can deliver items all over New Zealand, and by appointment you can come and pick up items, if you would like a nice drive out in the country

Kiwimana HQ

Kiwimana Headquarters is based in the hills of the Waitakere Ranges located west of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Waitakere ranges surround a magic part of New Zealand and is known for its unique ecosystem, rugged bush land, wild coastal beaches, orchards and wineries.

About the Kiwimana Team

We’ve all been Beekeeping since 2009, our team is made up of …


Margaret is the chief gardener. enjoys the challenge of learning about bees. This year she is looking into bee friendly plants, for year round feeding of the bees.


Gary designs and builds most of the kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop. He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping. Gary loves to BLOG about issues that affect the Bees and our environment. He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.


Snow star of one of our web sites banners is in charge of guarding the apiary, keeping up team moral, and is always happy to see us when we return from our adventures. She is not a big fan of the bees, having stood on a few on her runs around the property. So she generally stays well clear of the hives at the height of a summer day.


Louise’s primary role is keeping the grass down at Kiwimana, she sometimes escapes and eats some of Margaret’s new plants. Which is not a popular thing to do at Kiwimana HQ. She also sometimes argues with the bees about who owns the flowers near her house (she usually wins). Louise’s activity contributes to the gardening side of kiwimana.
*** Sad to report that Loiuse passed away in July 2014, you can read more HERE***

The Girls

The most crucial part of the team are our girls (the Bees) without them we would just have a field. The girls hypnotise us with their hard work and good work practices, vigilant in wasp management and providing sustenance to other members of the team. Thanks girls 🙂

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