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All Hives Varroa Count

Mokoroa Varroa Count

Tray placed 20 Mar 2011 18:45 (0 mites)
Tray Checked 23 Mar 2011 18:45 (5 mites)

=5/72 (Hours) = 0.07 per hour
or 5/3 (Days) = 1.67 mites per day

Still a very low count, this is probably due the hives small size.

Bethells 1 Varroa Count

Tray placed 20 Mar 2011 18:45 (0 mites)
Tray Checked 23 Mar 2011 18:45 (48 mites)

=48/72 (Hours) = 00.67 per hour
or 48/72 (Days) = 16.00 mites per day

A 300% increase since Feb, this hive hasn't been treated at all this season.

Honey 1 Varroa Count

Tray placed 20 Mar 2011 18:45 (0 mites)
Tray Checked 23 Mar 2011 18:45 (163 mites)

=163/72 (Hours) = 2.26 per hour
or 163/3 (Days) = 54.33 mites per day

Well we have counted the mites after the five Sugar Shake treatments and to be fair we are not sure if the results are good or bad?

The mites do increase rapidly from spring to autumn and our count confirms that, with it increasing from 7.92 to 12.72 (60% increase).

We started sugar shaking on 13 Feb and the mite count has gone up from 12.72 to 54.24 (326%) in that time. This could be that the bees are still grooming themselves and removing the mites or could this be the normal spring increase?

It seems like a rapid rise to me in a space of a month, we can only hope that this increase is the bees grooming themselves more. We need to do a full inspection of the hive soon, so will check for any drone brood for mites.

We have no data from this time last year to compare our figures to confirm if this is the normal cycle during autumn.


Gary Fawcett

Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop.He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping.Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment.He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.
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2 thoughts on “All Hives Varroa Count

  1. Thats a bit dissapointing Gary, maybe do another 24hr check after another week,
    Do you leave out the sticky boards after the check ?
    I did a 48hr mite check on my topbar yesterday ,and there was zero mites, so that is encouraging, the Lang showed about 50 per day so that will have to be looked at ,I was hoping to try the sugar method and was waiting to see what your results were like, I really dont want to go with chemicals.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Yes we do leave the sticky boards out unless we are counting mites, it allows the mites to land on the ground and hopefully not re-enter the hive.

      Great news about your TopBar hive, but sad about your Lang hive. I think we are reaching the peak of the mites population, they should be slowing down as the brood reduces in the hive.

      Have a read of this this article, its a very interesting article about Sugar Shaking, I think the writing is the speaker at this years NBA bee conference in Auckland:-

      See ya…Gary

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