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Api Life Var and the Mokoroa Hive

Well today was the day to treat the bees, my package from BeeGreen arrived today. I have placed a wafer in the top of Mokoroa. You break up the wafer into two pieces, but the way I opened up the package it became four pieces 🙂 I closed off the Screened bottom to help the Api Life Var do its thing.

We have had a disastrous winter here with the rain and the mite issues. So we are down to only one hive that is only just hanging on to life. Let’s hope Api Life Var can help the bees with they mite issues.

The bees have plenty of honey, but the brood is very patchy with has some Sac Brood in cells. I spotted the Queen (see photo), but I don’t think she is laying much due to the low amount of bees. The hive only has around 3 or 4 frames of bees.

The hive looks pretty weak with a few bees with DWV (Deformed Wing Virus) and the mite count over that last two days averaging at 67 mites per day. So the hive isn’t doing well sad to say.

Mokoroa was the hive that we re-queened late in the season last year, so very surprised it survived the winter at all.

The Bethells hive we checked last week is Queen less with less than a hand full of bees left, so no point in re-queening that hive.

Will do another mite count in 3 weeks, fingers crossed the Api Life Var will help them out.



Gary Fawcett

Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop.He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping.Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment.He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.
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5 thoughts on “Api Life Var and the Mokoroa Hive

  1. Good news checked the hive tonight and have seen around seven mites dead on the landing board, and some thrown over the side.

    So looks like Apilife is doing its things.

    See ya…Gary

  2. Hey guys! Thanks for the heads-up on ALV. I collected a bunch of wafers from Reuben today (only 20 mins down the road from me) and now waiting for just a lil warmth to pop some between the brood boxes.

    1. Thanks for comment Graham, drop us a line with how you get on with it.

      This cold snap across Auckland can’t be helping it do it’s thing, I understand it needs a certain temperature in order for it to work correctly.

      See ya…Gary

  3. Gary, how did the Api Life work, some of the reviews online talk about the bees bearding outside the hive etc, what was your experience and how is the mite count now?

    1. Sorry to report that the hive died Graeme, it was killing the mites but the bees were not strong enough to make it through.

      See our blog post about this sad event 🙁


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