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Auckland Bee Club Meeting

We went along to the Auckland bee club meeting, it was Rocky’s turn to car pool so we went along in his Land rover to the club rooms.

The usual access to the car park was sealed off with a chain today, so it was lucky we came in the Land rover for a bit of over land travel :).

It was a great day today and the sun and bees were out and about. Numbers seemed down to me at the meeting. But more people arrived later on which was good to see.

It was great to catch up with some old friends and meet Steve and Deb from the Moving to New Zealand! Blog. I recognised Deb from our facebook page.

Spoke to Paul about one of his hives that he placed some chemicals in it, I won't mention the brand but all his bees died one week later. Which is terrible news for him and the bees.

Todays topics were related to wintering down your hives, which is something that all New Zealand Bee Keepers should be thinking about this time of the year.

Olivia spoke about wax moths and showed us some frames that were infested with these little pests.

Auckland is also experiencing an upsurge of the Yellow and German wasps at the moment, this was also discussed. She mentioned a wasp and wax moth trap that may be of help.

Here is the instructions on building the trap:-

Take a 2 litre plastic soft drink bottle and drill a 1 inch hole just below the slope on the neck, then add 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, ½ cup vinegar and finally 1 banana peel. Wait a few days till it starts to ferment, then tie it into a tree close to the hives. This trap will draw the wax moths and wasps, they enter the hole can’t get out and drown in the liquid.

We tried this last year and it did trap a lot of wasps, we will retry again this year and try a clear plastic bottle. Last year we used old milk bottles, which were easier to hang in trees but may not have worked as well.

Here are some photos of the day (Click on the image to expand):-


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