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Battle against Varroa

We put in some Apistan strips in Honey 1 today. We are going to look into using the sugar shake method over summer, but the mite count is high enough that we did need to treat them. Not keen on using the chemicals but there is a lot of mites in the hive.

We also put in a drone brood sized frame. We purchased drone brood sized foundation from our local bee-keeping supplier yesterday. The idea is that you pull this out in thirty days and freeze it.

We now need to find a friend with a freezer big enough to store a full size frame. As our freezer is too small.

We also removed the extra brood from the top and replaced some of the empty full-sized frames in the brood with the capped honey ones.

The bees are bringing in lots of nectar so hopefully they will be fine for food now. We are expecting hot weather this week in Auckland. So lots of flying days coming up.



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