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Bee Hive Inspections

Mokoroa 1

Did a full inspection of the hive today, still a few ¾ frames in the hive from when I was feeding them the stores from last year.
Loads of brood today and spotted the Queen walking around, the upper level doesn’t have much in it. But I will leave for them to fill up before winter.

Tried my new head band circa 1980’s look, it looks stupid but it stops the sweat dripping in my eyes when I’m working the bees. It avoids those how do I wipe my eyes in a Bee suits issues. As my old manager at work Chris would say “Great Success”

Moved the empty frames to the top and moved the full honey frames to the lower brood box, hopefully the bees will get the idea and build out the upper frames. Come on girls winter is only a few months away.

Followers of my blog will also be happy to hear still no sign of wax moths.

Bethells 1

Was worried about these girls and checked them again today, found some day old eggs on lower brood (b1) near centre. So the Queen must be in residence, but bees haven’t raised a little flag yet 🙂

Also added a new empty frame to the lower brood to fill in the empty gap, as anyone that keeps bees will tell if you don’t fill in the gaps the bees will.

Weather is great in west Auckland today, so hopefully it will remain like this for the weekend so we can do another Sugar Shake on Honey 1.


Gary Fawcett

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2 thoughts on “Bee Hive Inspections

  1. Hey Gary – The headband is a great idea. I will have to send you a version!!. Your sugar shaking the whole hive is a great way to go and I think I will try that too.

    The girls at Niccol Ave seem very happy and we have settled. I have a good laying pattern happening and there is generally a contented buzz. I probably won’t take any honey from them this season- unless it is a long summer.

    I was wondering if bees that worked on Manuka were less prone to viral infections and mite infestations, ie whether the manuka gave them some of the immunity it gave humans.
    Thanks for all the info . regards

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thats great news about your bees.

      Yep Sugar Shaking is a good thing to try out, we will be update the blog with our findings.

      Not sure about the health benefits of Manuka honey on the bees, I guess no one has tested that yet. But I guess it can’t hurt them.

      See ya…Gary

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