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Beepeeping in Auckland to cost $190???

This was spotted by Kerry from the Auckland bee Club:-

The Auckland Council draft plan has this in section 5.7 Schedule of changes to regulatory fees and charges.

Page 146 – Category Other
(iii) keeping of bees (consent fee) $190

What does this mean for beekeeping in Auckland?, does this mean if the plan is approved all beekeepers will have to apply for consent to have bees and will this cost $190??

I will try and find our some more information about what this means, is it per hive or per apiary?

If this is approved, will it put people off keeping bees in Auckland?

Is this another nail in the coffin for the poor bees?

You can down this document here:-

It's in volume 3 Financial information, policies and fees.
A direct link to the doc can be found here:-

Remember people it's still a draft plan, if we are unhappy with this charge. Then put in a submission to the council before it’s approved. If you don’t agree or agree make your feelings known.

What do you think? What can we do as beekeepers?

*** The closing date for submissions is 4pm on Friday 23 March 2012 ***


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14 thoughts on “Beepeeping in Auckland to cost $190???

  1. Absolutely outrageous, just a money gathering exercise. If they go ahead with this then I think the first thing to do would be remove the hives from the town hall that Len Brown likes refering too – that make his city a much greener and enviromentally friendly place. Need to get the ABC involved as soon as possible as well.
    Looking at the rest of the fee restructuring on the document was an eye opener. Wouldn’t want to be in the building industry for a start, oh bugger I am!!

  2. Hey guys,
    We collectively have to argue our case for no fees with the beurocrats in council. Starting points are that we already are governed, and pay fees not only for keeping our bees, but also for controlling and eliminating bee diseases. That the rules that regulate our hobby are devised and monitored by people who are fully conversant with beekeeping and the honey industry, rather than generic compliance officers. That we are providing a service for the general public in that our bees are the prime pollinators for fruit vegetables clover pastures etc in our areas.
    And that through our hobby we are maintaining these bee populations in urban areas which would otherwise be beeless due to the recent decimation of feral colonies. These are only start points. There are other arguements, and fleshing out to make a decent submission to the councils proposition. tremember, if no one argues against it, it WILL happen!

    1. you seem to have a good turn of phrase, maybe you could write a submission and we could use your wording to send copies into council. The ABC needs to get behind this too.

      1. Yes will look into this Kerry.

  3. Actually having read the submission form it doesn’t actually relate to Volume 3 of the draft plan, only Volume 2 and the transport one.
    How can we make a submission regarding the Volume 3 that refers to these charges.
    Does anyone know?

  4. Might I suggest you guys look at what the Manawatu beekeepers did in the way of submissions to the Palmy City Council proposed changes to their livestock and bee bylaws, and the excellent resolution thereto.

    1. Thanks Graham, will have a look it does look like good work that was done. We are having a committee meeting tonight at the bee club, so will discuss then…See ya…Gary

  5. I haven’t yet read the document, but when I get through some more of the pile of paperwork on my desk, I’ll have a read (just taking a 5 min break atm, honest).
    Most councils are seeing the light, and becoming pro-beekeeping.
    If you want copies of the submissions sent to the PNCC by the Manawatu club, and any other research I still have floating around, just drop me an email. No doubt you’ve seen the discussion a while back about council bylaws on the NZ Beekeeper Forums…


  6. In the fee section where the fee of $190 for consent to keep bees appears there is a note (Note 5). If you follow down to read Note 5, it says that the fee would be applied only if registration is required under a current bylaw. It goes on to say that this may vary depending on the former district council of your property.

    If you do a google search (auckland city bee consent), you will find that the existing Animal bylaw for Auckland City Council area requires consent of an officer of the council to keep more than one hive in the urban area. see:

    *** Link Removed 13/12/2012 as its no longer valid *** – Gary

    I couldn’t find whether they would currently charge for this, but they could have charged based on an hourly rate ($132 per hour). Under the proposed fees, presumably they would apply the $190 fee.

    The important thing is going to be when they review the Animal bylaw to create a unified bylaw for the whole of Auckland. That’s when we all need to ensure that no consent is required for keeping one (or two) hives in the urban area. The status for review of the Animals bylaw is “planning is underway”, see:
    *** Link Removed 13/12/2012 as its no longer valid *** – Gary

    At least, that’s my take on it.

    1. Good spotting Logan, yes I’m pretty sure any fee also needs a bylaw to make use of it.

      I will have a read of the links you posted. Thansk for the post…Gary

  7. I agree that it is outrageous. In fact the council should be paying us beekeepers for keeping bees! I suppose their logic is that bees are potentially dangerous pets (like dogs) and therefore need to be controlled. Yet how many people in this country die each year from bee stings compared with dog attacks? I suggest very few. It is probable that more people die from falling out of trees than bee stings. So maybe the council should regulate trees- hang on they are already doing that. This will drive out hobby beekeepers and it is from hobbyists that many of our commercial beekeepers grow. No- this is just the beaurocracy feeding on itself and looking for some activity to justify their salaries.

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