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Bee Week 2012

The National Beekeeping Association of New Zealand (NBA) have an annual event to promote and create awareness of the plight of the humble honey Bee.

Kiwimana were lucky enough to have opportunity to sponsor Bee Week at my place of work.

We set-up this display with information from the NBA which – all available on-line at – who also had a colouring competition for prizes of “buzzy bee” products – check out their website for details.

We set-up a competition for staff – the best dressed staff-member in either orange (for the honey Bee) or yellow (for the Bumble Bee).

Earthbound Honey Yummy

Kiwimana provided prizes in association with our honey supplier – Earthbound Honey – who are – by the way…our neighbours across the valley.

The prizes included, honey ( of course 🙂 some kiwimana t-shirts, some Bee friendly seeds of thyme and wildflowers – all wrapped up in a flax bag.

…if that wasn't enough : )…..My cousin made this fabulous chocolate “Bee Cake” for us.

We asked for a couple of volunteers to judge the best outfit, then on Thursday the judging commenced and there were 4 lucky prize winners.

After the prize-giving – a honey tasting began – we had Manuka honey and 100+ factor Manuka honey with butter and bread rolls, also a yummy fruit platter with Camembert cheese and crackers.

Staff loved the tasting and loved our local honey ! ( we even got some orders )

Our objective was to create awareness of the plight of the humble honey Bee which is suffering losses all over the world. Kiwimana wanted to promote Beekeeping, bee friendly plantings and encourage people to have a “working Bee” for weed removal instead of spraying.

We were very grateful to my workplace for enabling kiwimana to sponsor and support Bee Week within my workplace. Grateful to staff for their participation and hope that we made people aware of the plight of the humble honey bee and reiterate, that they can help – even if it's not keeping Bees, but by planting Bee friendly plants, trees, flowers or buy honey and wax products.

Thanks to everyone for your support, we loved sponsoring this event and hope all enjoyed our celebration of the Bee….gotta love Bees 🙂

Cheers everyone

Margaret and Gary


Margaret Groot

Margaret is an avid 'Bee Enthusiast' who manages the Apiary, the Bees and their hives, she also provides Beekeeping Services and training for Beeginner Beekeepers.Phew...if that's not enough... she also works in the workshop assembling Beehive products for customers and the Apiary. (and delivers orders as well : )She loves to BLOG and chat about Bees, nature and Beekeeping.
She loves New Zealand native flora and fauna, her fav is the Kowhai...with Manuka honey close second ; )
Some of you may know that Margaret is a qualified Life Coach, she trained through the Coaching Academy in London and holds DipPC.Adv.
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3 thoughts on “Bee Week 2012

  1. Photos on the post guys, thanks for the feedback…Gary

  2. Well done, looks like you guys are doing a great job with Kiwimana and for the all important bee’s… Your Son the Milkman.

    1. …I always love milk and honey….thanks….from your mum

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