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Erin Willett Beekeeping at Smaht Fahm – KM054

Erin WillettThis is Episode fifty four of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking to Erin Willett from Smaht Fahm in Ohio.

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Erin Willett is a Beekeeper, Sustainability Educator and Farmer from Smaht Fahm in Ohio.

You can email Erin at moc.liamgnull@mhafthams

Erin's Smaht Fahm facebook page is HERE

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why her farm is called “Smaht Fahm”
  • How Erin convinced her husband to allow her to get bees
  • The seasons are being effected by Global Weather changes
  • The key to Beekeeping is to read your bees
  • Why Beekeeping in a Hurry is always bad idea
  • Why you should never eat Banana's while Beekeeping
  • Happy Bees Hum in the Key of ‘A'
Erin's son and his Bees
Erin's son and his Bees

What Was Mentioned

  • Erin's web site is at Smaht Fahm
  • Worcester County Beekeepers can be found HERE
  • Our interview with Michael Bush can be found HERE
  • Our simple method of spitting Bees, can be found HERE.

Erin Recommend Books are:-

  1. The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum
  2. The ABC and Xyz of Bee Culture: An Encyclopedia of Beekeeping by Roger Morse
  3. Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley
  4. Natural Beekeeping by Ross Conrad

Erin Willett Inspects her Bees

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2 thoughts on “Erin Willett Beekeeping at Smaht Fahm – KM054

  1. You guys are wonderful, such a blast talking with you! Thank you for all of the great education you do with beekeeping!

  2. Thanks, guys, you’re awesome! Just pulled my first honey off my Swiss hives today–it has an aftertaste like peach ice cream!

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