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Foundationless frames no good for brood frames

We have been experimenting with foundationless frames and getting the bees to create their own foundation.

The problem with doing this on brood frames is that the bees tend to create more drone comb and we would rather their build this in our drone management frames. So we can keep varroa numbers lower.

Drone management frame

Foundation less frames with drones

The bees also sometimes create crazy comb when they get the chance. I wish the bees would read the same books I do :).

Crazy Comb

When we use foundation less frames in the honey supers the bees tend to create more drone sized cells for the honey, which uses less nectar in producing the wax for the comb.

We still use wooden frames with wax foundation here at Kiwimana, our bees don't like the plastic frames and neither do we :).

But I think we will stick to using full foundation frames for the brood and give the bees some “Drone management frames” to fulfil their desire for drone space. What do you do with your foundation? Have you moved over to using plastic?


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One thought on “Foundationless frames no good for brood frames

  1. I’ve heard from other beekeepers too that bees make lots of drones if given foundationless frames. I like your idea of foundationless frames in the honey supers though.

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