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Honey 1 – Inspecting the merged hive

I did a full inspection of the new merged hive today and all looked great, did spot a varroa mite on the back of one of the workers.  So will have to treat for them when the supers are all off.

As described last week, the hive has three brood boxes and a super on top.  Everything is in order, didn’t spot the Queen but saw evidence of new brood.

The little bit of wax moth has been cleaned up by the Bee’s, but did spot two worm/lavas of the moth which I destroyed.

The Properlis was very sticky today, I was wearing the surgical gloves that don’t really breathe, so your hands do sweat a bit in them.  But the gloves sure keep your hands cleaner.

A few of the Bees landed on me to rest, I managed to get a few photos of them which I will upload.

So all in all the Newspaper method works great.

Some other photos from today:-


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