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Honey 1 – Sugar Shake and removed Drone Brood

Hi, I was discussing Sugar Shaking our Bees yesterday with Rocky at the Auckland Bee Club and invited him up to be part of our first attempt at it.

It went pretty well, and we made a video on YouTube about it. Click HERE to view the Video. Hopefully the video shows you how we did it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

We also removed some drone comb from our drone management frames, and we did notice a large amount of drones for this time of year walking in the hive.

We also noticed that the frames the bees made themselves have also got a large percentage of drone brood. We are not sure how we can combat this issue.

One thing we noticed with the Sugar Shake is that a large number of mites had fallen through the screened bottom board within minutes of using sugar shaking, much more than we expected from the mite drop count we did. I guess these mites were travelling on the bees and couldn't hold on.

We will do another count soon to see what impact the treatment has had. We have read that the drop count will not be very accurate until the bees have had a chance to clean the sugar off themselves.

We have also placed our new roof on the top of hive to test with real bees, the weather testing went well with no issues discovered.

We have also inspected the drone brood that we removed from the hive, and we discovered a large number of mites. One larva has two adults mites feasting on him. Margaret managed to get some great photos of the mites, which show why Drone Management in our opinion is a great way to reduce your mite count.

Have you thought about how you are going to manage your mites this year? Please leave a comment we would love to hear what everyone is doing.


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