Posted on – Green Party Advisory: Bee hives come to the Beehive

Yay for Ms Kedgley, great to see one politician is doing something to help the bees, before CCD takes a hold in New Zealand and destroys our agriculture industry.

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley is launching a petition today calling on the Government to immediately suspend the use of pesticides which are implicated in bee deaths around the world. These pesticides are widely used in New Zealand.

The petition launch coincides with the premier of a new film – the Queen of the Sun – which explores the decline in bee populations overseas.

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Gary Fawcett

Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop.He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping.Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment.He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.
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2 thoughts on “ – Green Party Advisory: Bee hives come to the Beehive

  1. I think that we must look at getting a copy of the movie ‘Queen of the Sun’ and have another supper film evening at that place in Avondale. Will bring it up at committee.

  2. Sounds like a great Idea Martin, It starts in the Cinemas on 24 Apr 2011.

    That roast dinner was pretty nice, so keen as if you can arrange it.

    See ya…Gary

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