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Josiah Garber Podcasting Farmer – KM037

Josiah GarberHave a listen to our Beekeeping podcast, this week we chat with Josiah Garber of the Framing Podcast.

Josiah Garber is the host of The Farming Podcast and a Beekeeper. He lives in the Lancaster area in Pennsylvania with his wife Carmen and young son.

Josiah is passionate about framing and is a beginner beekeeper and currently keeps one beehive on his property. Josiah dreams one day to do farming full time and own a larger piece of land.

Josiah is the host of The Farming Podcast

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Josiah working BeeHives
Josiah working BeeHives

Resources Mentioned:-

Geoff Lawton's Permaculture course
Michael Bushs Website

photo credit: Bekah Stargazing via photopin cc
photo credit: Bekah Stargazing via photopin cc
Monarda (Bee Balm) – A herb that Josiah recommends to plant, you can read more about here:- Bee Balm.

Josiah's Garden Planting Calculator

Garden Planting CalculatorJosiah is also the author of the Garden Planting Calculator for Android devices (Currently for use in North America only)

Check Out Josiah's Favorite Beekeeping Book

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