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Megan Paska – The Rooftop Beekeeper – KM048

photo courtesy and permission of Eric Tourneret

Megan PaskaHi this is Episode Forty Eight of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking to Megan Paska from Rumson, New Jersey.

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Megan is a Beekeeper and Farmer. She is the author of the new book “The Rooftop Beekeeper”. She has recently moved from Brooklyn to set up a new farming project in Rumson, New Jersey.

You can press the PLAY button above or download the file HERE.

Resources Mentioned

Sam Comfort – Anarchy Apiaries

Meg's New Book is out now

Meg is the Author of “The Rooftop Beekeeper: A Scrappy Guide to Keeping Urban Honeybees”

Ways to contact Megan Paska

Meg's web site can be located here Farmer Megs Digest

You can follow Megan on Twitter @FarmerMegPaska

You can email Megan at

Meg's Instagram page can be found HERE

Megan's ESTY Shop is located HERE, she will ship to New Zealand :).

Here are some videos of Megan Paska

Made by Hand / No 3 The Beekeeper

Ted Talk about her Farm Project

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2 thoughts on “Megan Paska – The Rooftop Beekeeper – KM048

  1. This was an excellent interview. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know…more interviews coming. Cheers Gary and Margaret

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