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New Beekeepers visit kiwimana

Nice Frame of Honey with some New Beekeepers
Hi Everyone,

We had a busy weekend with some New Beekeepers visiting the kiwimana apiary.

Our visitors were a family interested in looking into Beekeeping and wanted to experience someone working with the Bees, so we were happy to oblige. I think this is a great idea and would suggest this to anyone looking into Beekeeping …go and meet with a local Beekeeper and go to a local Bee club, they will bee happy to help.

It was a great morning with sun shining – we started early so the Bees weren't too hot. Gary was our hivemaster and I was the photographer. Gary set-up the smoker and prepared his gear and a 3/4 box of frames with wax & wire.

The hive inspected was Remuera, which at the beeginning of the season, got off to a pretty slow start, but as you can see from the photo's – is absolutely chockablock now! It was apparent that they needed more space so Gary added the 3/4 box. The kiwimana drone management frame which Gary inspected had varroa, so a treatment with Api Life Var above the brood was added. Gary cut out the drones cells and replaced the KDMF in to the hive, then the cut-out cells were placed in to our wax-melter. The treatment will be repeated in 7 days.

Our visitors asked lots of questions, giving us opportunities to share our knowledge.

All in all it was a good morning – Gary was definitely ready for a cuppa ! ….then we all had a bit of a chat, then our visitors were on their way.

Lets keep enjoying this weather while we can…the Bees are : ) and they are still bringing in nectar!

Thanks for supporting kiwimana….it's the kiwimana buzz…


Here are all the photos:-


Margaret Groot

Margaret is an avid 'Bee Enthusiast' who manages the Apiary, the Bees and their hives, she also provides Beekeeping Services and training for Beeginner Beekeepers.Phew...if that's not enough... she also works in the workshop assembling Beehive products for customers and the Apiary. (and delivers orders as well : )She loves to BLOG and chat about Bees, nature and Beekeeping.
She loves New Zealand native flora and fauna, her fav is the Kowhai...with Manuka honey close second ; )
Some of you may know that Margaret is a qualified Life Coach, she trained through the Coaching Academy in London and holds DipPC.Adv.

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2 thoughts on “New Beekeepers visit kiwimana

  1. Thanks so much for having us around. You were so generous with your knowledge and gave us a excellent idea of what is involved – from set-up to clothing and varroa treatment….and beyond!

    Bless you guys 🙂

    1. Thanks Jacqui for coming over, it was great to meet you all. We will have to get you around again for more inspections.



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