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Queen-Rearing and Visitors to kiwimana HQ

Margaret Talks about our Hiveware

Margaret Removes Frame
Hi Everyone,

Margaret Removes Frame

Over the years we've had lots of visitors to our apiary, young and old and lots of different nations have come to see whats going on here at kiwimana HQ. Some visitors we've had were Chinese, South Africans, and today, we had a group of Korean visitors.

The visit today started with a look at our beekeeping supplies. A demonstration of our hive boxes, hive mats, frames, bottom-boards and then how to use our kiwi-made hive tool and frame-holders. Then into the workshop for an impromptu demonstration on ‘how to wax and wire a frame' – then the “guitar test” – causing a smile as the wire hit ‘C' – music to our ears showing the tension as perfect. ( Gary reckons its a ‘G' – we'll have to get his guitar tuner to check it out ! )

This visit was a little different because one of our visitors came to share some of his experience in queen-rearing – it was wonderful to learn about this. We used a chinese designed tool to remove larva with royal jelly from cells and then we put them into the wax cups. Each of us had a go …sorry but we did squash a couple in the process 🙁

When we finished we then put them into a queenless hive, plus I added a frame with lots of capped brood and pollen as well.

(You might remember, that a few weeks back, I tried to get a hive that lost its queen to raise a new queen from a frame of eggs I added. As I inspected it today I could see there were attempts, as I saw some queen cells chewed out, but it was clear – no eggs, no larvae, so – no queen…..however there were still about three frames of Bees. So this was the hive we used.)

When we had finished placing the frames back into the hive, I just happened to have a frame with capped-honey – we couldn't resist….and we've learnt that with each visitor no matter what language – love of manuka honey, speaks any language!

By the way thanks to our visitors for sharing the queen rearing technique and also, for the yummy Korean cake….which went down well much later with a nice cuppa.

Grafting Eggs
Grafting Eggs

Next step….I'll bee going back into the hive in two days to check progress….I'll keep ya posted.

UPDATE…unfortunately the larva failed, think they got chilled – back to the drawing board!

Have a look at some of the days photos below, which were taken by our visitors.

Unfortunately Gary was not well so he couldn't join us….hope you feel better soon.

UPDATE…Gary back on form, glad you're feeling better : )

Thanks so much to our visitors today – I hope you all had as much fun as I did.


Its the kiwimana buzz…
PS: as the visitors left I cleared up my gear and then it rained…so I was grateful it held-off… but….its still raining now : ( …so much rain

Margaret Grafting Queens
Margaret Grafting Queens


Margaret Groot

Margaret is an avid 'Bee Enthusiast' who manages the Apiary, the Bees and their hives, she also provides Beekeeping Services and training for Beeginner Beekeepers.Phew...if that's not enough... she also works in the workshop assembling Beehive products for customers and the Apiary. (and delivers orders as well : )She loves to BLOG and chat about Bees, nature and Beekeeping.
She loves New Zealand native flora and fauna, her fav is the Kowhai...with Manuka honey close second ; )
Some of you may know that Margaret is a qualified Life Coach, she trained through the Coaching Academy in London and holds DipPC.Adv.

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2 thoughts on “Queen-Rearing and Visitors to kiwimana HQ

  1. I’m extremely excited to begin queen rearing this upcoming spring, And it definitely looks easier than it is, I’m sure!

    1. Hi Tyson,

      Yeah Andy said it does take practice, I do think the rewards will bee worth it….I really think preparations are key to this.

      I am reading a book called “Queen Bee: Biology, Rearing and Breeding” by David Woodward and find it very informative and has good info, I like the “cloake board” method thats mentioned.

      All the best with your efforts, we’ll keep ya posted on how things go down here.

      Its the kiwimana buzz…

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