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Rainy Day at the Franklin Bee Club

Well it was a wet day in Auckland, and we were surprised the meeting was still on. But we were told by the Hive Manager “Peter” that weather forecast predicated clear skies until Lunch time. So it was off down to Franklin to attend the club day.

We had chat in the shed about the upcoming Honey Show, we will have to find out more and see if we can extract some honey for the day. The club will also be selling honey at the upcoming Karaka show.

The weather did stop raining for a brief time and it was time to check out the spilt that was taken on the last club day. The hive did have a lot of bees in it, but no sign of brood today. Peter said it could mean the Queen hasn’t started laying yet. We did find an empty Queen cell, so let’s hope she is all ok and the hive starts up soon.

We then inspected the Top Bar hive that club has now; it was great to see that the hive has several frames of brood. So these girls are going very well. The bees were also very calm and the frames were easy to remove and inspect.

I am still toying with the idea of building a top bar hive, maybe that could be a winter project for me. It could be an interesting project to try. I’m still not really sold of the benefits to the bees yet. Do you have a top bar what do you see as the benefits to the bees?

Afterwards a few members went down to a local café in Pukekohe for an after meeting coffee; the member that was meant to bring the hot water didn’t turn up to the meeting this week.

It was great chatting with everyone about ideas and plans to take over the bee-keeping world :).

Thanks to everyone that came along today, despite the weather.

Here are some photos of the day:-


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