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Thymol Treatment for Varroa Mites with Ashlee Robison – KM055

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Ashlee in Lab
Ashlee in Lab
Ashlee Robison is a Senior Chemistry Major studying at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. She is doing research into Thymol use in controlling Varroa Mites. She is doing this research as part of the American Chemical Society's 2014 Chemistry Champions Contest.

This is Episode fifty five of our beekeeping podcast. You can download the podcast directly HERE, or click on the play button above. Feel free to share it with your friends.

Video explaining Ashlee's study:-

Newspaper Article

Ashlees local newspaper also did an article about her research, you will find this article HERE

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why the existing methods of using Thymol are not efficient
  • What is the biggest parasite of the Honey Bees in North America
  • How do you attach a Thymol Molecule to a sugar Molecule.
  • How to feed Thymol to Bees
  • Nectar is a Glucose and Fructose Molecule connected together
  • Field trials are going to start next Spring in North America
  • Is it worth planting Thyme plants near your Bee hives

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7 thoughts on “Thymol Treatment for Varroa Mites with Ashlee Robison – KM055

  1. Really? How does it kill mites?

  2. Los apicultores tenemos una cruz con ese ácaro luchamos contra el. Saludos cordiales desde Tenerife. Canarias. ESPAÑA.

  3. I’ve always found wintergreen most effective….

  4. Meanwhile, here in the northern hemisphere our bees are enjoying the spring and starting to pack the honey in!

  5. What about if they planted Thyme around the Beehives

    1. Hi Rita, we covered that in the chat. But it can’t hurt and the bees will get nectar from it.

    2. yes Thyme honey is yummy and good for you

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