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Rusty Burlew – The voice behind Honey Bee Suite – KM081

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This week we are talking to Rusty Burlew from Olympia in Washington State. The voice behind the fantastic Honey Bee Suite Blog. This is Episode Eighty one of our beekeeping podcast.

Olympia is the capital of Washington State, for Nirvania fans it’s also the city where Kurt Cobain wrote most of Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

This executive producer for this months show is Graeme Mander from Auckland. You can follow him on twitter at

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Welcome To the kiwimana buzz…

Hi, it's Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

Rusty Burlew

Rusty Burlew is a Beekeeper and blogger from the Olympia in Washington, she has run the very popular Honey Bee suite blog for over six years.

Rusty is also the director of the Native Bee Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to education about wild pollinators.

Here is what you will discover

  • How Rusty got started in the world of bees
  • How to open a beehive without a hive tool in a prison
  • What is the secret to a successful Blog

Resources mentioned in the show with Rusty Burlew

  • Rusty's web site is
  • You can help the Native Bee Conservancy by donated HERE
  • Rachel Carson Book – Silent Spring
  • Rusty’s article about Anthony Planakis, aka Tony Bees on access holes in honey supers is HERE
  • You will find the papers for Rustys Master degree HERE

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Gary Fawcett

Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop.He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping.Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment.He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.

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  1. Bee Nirvania what a concept…

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