Api Life Var – Organic Varroa Treatment (1 Packet)

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Api Life Var is an organic treatment for varroa mites and great alternative to synthetic treatments.

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Api Life Var is an organic treatment used in the fight against the varroa destructor mite.

It comes in the form of soaked wafers which contains main concentrate of 74% thymol oil, which is the active ingredient. It also contains eucalyptol, menthol, and camphor.

Api Life Var is a treatment that uses these concentrated essential oils to help control the varroa mites in your colonies. It is a natural treatment, it prevents resistance in varroa mites.

Resistance: There are no reports of varroa having developed resistance to Api Life Var, or any of its active ingredients.

Research shows that varroa mites are becoming resistant to synthetic or man-made pesticides being used.

Api Life Var

We have been using Api Life Var at kiwimana for four seasons with successful results.

In our experience, Api Life Var will bring varroa mite populations down to far more manageable levels for the bees to cope with. Organic treatments are the only options going forward.

The ideal daily temperatures for Api Life Var are Preferably SUMMER with temperatures between 20°C and 25°C (68°F – 77°F). (Early Autumn when temperatures are higher)

Insufficient efficacy can be expected if the average outside temperature is lower than 15°C.

Active Ingredient: Thymol (76%), eucalyptol (16.4%), menthol (3.8%) and camphor (3.8%); 20g of active ingredients/tablet

Api Life Var is an approved treatment from Italy.WARNING – Do NOT USE method on packet – as this refers to European climate NOT New Zealand Climatic conditions.

Kiwimana recommended application method is;

Two packets which equal 4 wafers, are required to treat one Bee Colony – regardless of how many brood boxes.
ie: 1 Wafer = 1 Treatment – apply 1 wafer per week x 4 weeks (= 4 wafers = 2 packets)

WARNING: Not to be confused with ApiVar, which is a synthetic non-systemic acaricide. The active ingredient in ApiVar is Amitraz.

How to Apply Api Life Var – Video

In this quick video Gary from kiwimana shows you how to add Api Life Var to your bee hives to treat for the Varroa Destructor Mite.

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21 reviews for Api Life Var – Organic Varroa Treatment (1 Packet)

  1. Debbie Smith

    great service, friendly advice and easy-to-use product

  2. Kerry Payne (verified owner)

    I used this for the first time at the end of summer (actually it was more like the end of Autumn by the time I put them in) and having checked the NMF recently I was amazed to find only 9 mites per hive from a sticky board period of 7 days! I will definitely be back for more.
    Easy to order and quick to arrive I highly recommend Kiwimana Bee Supplies to anyone who needs anything for their buzzy workers.

  3. Hugo (verified owner)

    I really like the idea that this is an organic product. I have used it before and will continue to do so. It is easy to apply and effective.

  4. Maree Wedding (verified owner)

    This is my second year using this product, and my hives are stronger than ever. Super easy to use, I will keep using it as there is no mite resistance buildup. Love that it is organic. Thanks!

  5. Jim Hepburn (verified owner)

    Great service to get product out quickly with remainder followed up promptly. Specific Kiwimana instructions on use is a real bonus. The instructions are for NZ too.
    Thanks again Kiwimana

  6. Lynne Low (verified owner)

    I’ve chosen to treat my hives with this product because “Api-life VAR is 95 percent effective while leaving the least residue of any product available to beekeepers. It contains Thymol PLUS 3 essential oils.”-Howland Blackiston.

  7. Sandy (verified owner)

    I have found Api Life Var easy to use and very effective. I especially like the fact that it is organic and a much safer product to use. Kiwimana are really great to deal with as well.

  8. Chrissy (verified owner)

    Great product. I’m a new-bee and found this easy to apply and the fact that it’s organic sold it or me.

  9. Mark Talbot (verified owner)

    First year using bit easy to use – great service, friendly and informative.

  10. Aidan (verified owner)

    I’m a novice beekeeper and have used this product many times before. It’s a great alternative to the inorganic ones and is a reliable and effective treatment. Must acknowledge that I am personally not sold on using this as the only form of mite control in my apiary though… when I do treat with APIVAR I have observed that the girls will build up propolis around the thymovar wafers completely when it’s time for it not to be be in the hive anymore Lol! Funny thing is they’re quite smart them girls cos every time I observe this I do a mite count out of panick and maybe find 1 or 2 if I am lucky. Thanks for importing this fab product 🙂

  11. Iggy (verified owner)

    Product arrived quickly, we are yet to use it, but from the reviews we’ve read this seems to be great

  12. Aaron (verified owner)

    Really prompt delivery. Which made it really easy.
    As I only have the 1 Hive just now and won’t be harvesting until late spring it’s all perfect.
    I did notice the Bees not really enjoying the thymol experience…lol.

    Still it’s gotta be better than some of the other stuff on the market.

    Really appreciate your time


  13. Lisa Allen

    This is my first trial of Api-Life-Var and I chose it because it is 100% organic. It was easy to use and put in the hive along with the fantastic instructions provided by Kiwimana. The information in the instruction sheet also gave a warning about behaviour after using it, which was helpful to stop me panicking about the girl’s reaction to it. They do not like the smell of it, and they get quite noisy when I get near the hive to put the product in, but it works a treat. I completed the four week treatment, and I could see it working after the first treatment. I am very impressed with this product and highly recommend it to those wanting an organic treatment.

  14. Sandy (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd year using Api Life Var. I find it very effective and easy to use. Kiwimana is a great company to deal with, fast and efficient and this product is always in stock when I order it.

  15. Maryanne Ducray (verified owner)

    Only just treated my hives with this product so am awaiting result. I must say, however, that I personally love the smell and am sold on the product being organic. Service was quick and Kiwimana folk very amiable and honest so I am expecting FANTASTIC results! 🙂 Am definitely going to use this product again.

  16. Lynne (verified owner)

    Received okay, have not used yet but will do so. I purchased it following a friend’s recommendation so am sure it will be fine.

  17. justin.hawkes47 (verified owner)

    Great service and delivery. having seen the product and instruction”s I will be ordering more on Monday. Will begin use on arrival of the next delivery/


  18. Trish (verified owner)

    I chose this product because it was organic. I was then told that it wouldnt work properly, which had me worried.
    I went ahead and put it in anyway. It REALLY stinks and the bees didnt seem to like it being in their hive.
    A week later and there were so many mites on the sticky board, I couldnt count them.
    The board got cleared off and still the mites are falling, so it most defintiely is working.

  19. O’Donnell

    So far, So good.

  20. Graeme Hunter (New Zealand) (verified owner)

    I know this product works as many of my beekeeper friends have sung it’s praise .
    I will be using it later this year.
    Regards Graeme
    PS If there is a problem I will yet you know.

  21. Simon Taylor

    This is my first time using Api Life Var – my attraction was the fact it is an organic product. We only have one hive so can spend the time applying. I am aware those with greater numbers of hives find it too time consuming to apply and follow up. However, watching the mite count reduce each week was satisfying and having an experienced beekeeper check the hive for AFB recently, he observed how strong the hive was and he could see no evidence of mite damage to the bees inside. This was both reassuring and satisfying. I am happy with the product, the organic nature, the service to receive the mail order (only three days) and that Kiwimana include NZ specific instructions. Thanks

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