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The Bee Frame Holder prevents you having to lean frames against boxes. This prevents rubbish from the ground finding its way into your bees sterile home.

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These Bee Frame Holders are made right here in West Auckland. As you know we love to support local kiwi manufacturers whenever possible.

Sick of bending over or tripping over frames while inspecting your valuable bees?? Well you need a Bee Frame Holder ! .

These will be a great addition to your toolkit that will help when you are inspecting your Bee hives, keeping your hands free, you place the Bee frame holder over the long edge of the hive box and place frames on it. This Bee frame holder, can hold up to three frames.

These Bee frame holders are powder coated, in red, which makes it easier to spot it in the grass.

The Bee Frame Holder prevents you having to place the frames on the ground and lean frames against boxes. This prevents bacteria being transferred in to your bees sterile home and means you won’t stand on them and damage them.

These frames are designed to hold the comb in the exact same position as they would be in the hives, so you don’t have any issues with nectar dripping out onto the ground.

We also use our Frame Holder when taking photos. This allows you to use both hands with your camera. Have you ever tried to take a photo while holder a frame of bees?

A great tool for anyone who has tripped over a frame while inspecting their beehive. A great addition to any beekeepers tool kit.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 470 × 160 × 240 mm

Red, Orange

8 reviews for Bee Frame Holder

  1. Kim Poynter (verified owner)

    The bee frame holder works a treat! This simple tool is a must and certainly makes the job of putting that first frame or two somewhere safe, very easy. No bees on the ground, no gumboot in the comb! I can recommend the frame holder and I expect it will be the sort of tool we will all consider part of the ‘standard tools’ in the future.

  2. awhina creswell (verified owner)

    handy thanks.

  3. Jenni (verified owner)

    Very handy helps to keep our frames close to work area and avoid dirt and mishaps.

  4. Marilyn Briggs (verified owner)

    What more can I say, Kim Poynter has said it all, wonderful addition to my bee handling tools and equipment.

  5. Mark Anderson (verified owner)

    Just used the bee frame holder for the first time. So simple and easy to use and now a “must have” item to be with me when opening up the hive.

  6. Eva Durrant

    Keeps frames stable and out of the way when inspecting hive. No more nectar spill either. Best thing since sliced bread! Buy one for a friend

  7. steve (verified owner)

    Really handy piece of equipment and keeps the frames off the ground where bacteria can be a problem. Frees up your space around the hive while you’re on the job.

  8. Gary Moore

    Well made. Logical design

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