Bee Smoker – Stainless Steel

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An essential tool for all beekeepers, a smoker is used to hide Pheromones in a hive and keep the bees calmer.

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This Bee Smoker is made from stainless steel smoker. A great size for both back yard and commercial beekeepers. The bellows provides a great air flow.

The Bee Smoker is used to calm and move bees during bee inspections. The Smoke masks alarm pheromones that are released by guard bees or from bees that are injured during inspections.

Many types of fuel can be used in your smoker as long as they are natural and uncontaminated with harmful substances (Such as treated wood). You can use fuels such as Hessian sacks, pine needles, corrugated cardboard or paper egg cartons.

If you use Hessian Sacks be sure to weather them by hanging them outside in a tree for a couple of months.

The fuel in the Bee smoker’s burner smolders slowly because there is only a small amount of oxygen inside, until a squeeze of the bellows provides a blast of air. In this way the fuel is used more sparingly, and one load of fuel may last for several hours, or even days (if it is extinguished and rekindled again later). To calm the bees, the smoke must not be hot. Be sure test that the smoke is cold on your hand before using.

This is one of the essential items of any beekeepers tool kit, we burn pine needles in our Bee smokers.

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