Beehive Frames – Hoffman (Assembled)

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Beehive Frames are an essential part of your colony, these are where the bees build wax comb for honey and their young (Brood). These come ready built for you to add to your Beehive.

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Hoffman Beehive Frame – Frame Assembled with wire and wax

Beehive Frames in action
Rocky inspects a Beehive frame
Frames are an essential part of the modern “movable” hive in any colony, these are what the bees use to build comb for honey and their young.

These frames can be removed individually, which is essential in inspecting your colony for disease (This a requirement of New Zealand Law).

These frames will fit the standard Langstroth hive or bench/long hives designed around the langstroth dimensions.

These are fully built frames are the Hoffman Standard Frames available in: Full Depth (33 mm), 3/4 Depth (35 mm) . These are ready to put directly in your hive.

Hoffman Standard Beehive Frames are self spacing frames wide enough to provide the correct bee space between combs when the frames are pushed together.

You can also select frames made with Brass eyelets as well, the eyelets prevent the frame wire cutting into the wood. The eyelets make it much easier to rewire the frames and makes it easier to recycle the frames.

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4 reviews for Beehive Frames – Hoffman (Assembled)

  1. David Smith (verified owner)

    Frames are well asembled. Great personal service. Good value.

  2. Bruce F (verified owner)

    As promised and personally delivered which meant we were able to let Margaret see our apiary (1 x active hive + nuc) and appreciated her time and advice.

  3. Gary Moore (verified owner)

    Well made. Too early to see what the girls think, know in 3 days when hive gets it initial opening, 18days after habitation.

  4. Paul Martell (verified owner)

    Well put together. Look great. Great service

    • Margaret Groot (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Paul glad to hear your positive feedback, happy bee season 2018

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