Beekeeping Beginners Kit…with Bees…

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This kit includes everything you need to start a new hive, Everything is ready to go. Includes Hive Boxes, Roof, baseboard and Frames with wax.

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Introducing the kiwimana “Beekeeping Beginners Kit with Bees“.

What a great way to get started in beekeeping ! This is the product for you. Everything is ready to go.
For those who are new to beekeeping or for those of you who want to expand the number of colonies you currently have.

These Bees have been grown from a 5x Plastic Frame commercially produced Nucleus then grown at kiwimana HQ, to a fully-working colony, organically treated.

This would make a great gift…for the newby beekeeper in your life…

    The Beekeeping Beginners Kit includes all the parts of the hive, this includes:-

  • 1x Solid Bottom Board
  • 2x Full Depth Hive-Boxes, painted with Boiled linseed oil.
  • 15x Wooden Full Depth Frames assembled wired with wax foundation.
  • 5x Plastic Full Depth Frames
  • 1x Hive Mat
  • 1x Closed Corner Tin Roof
  • And of course… a colony of Bees

…so get your beekeeping started now !

The Beekeeping Beginners Kit is pickup only from our Auckland HQ….Sorry we don't ship live bees.

Note on Pick Up : You'll need to bring ratchet-ties plus a large sheet to cover ( in case there's a stray bee ) when you pick up to secure the Beehive for transportation. We will provide a mesh cover to the entrance. Pick up best time is at night or before sunrise.

We encourage you to come and visit your Beehive before pick-up.
Please note: Staff at kiwimana are DECA certified and will check your colonys' hive-health before their departure.

Your Beehive will be ready around Dec 2018 but is dependant on the progress of the season and growth of colony.

We require a deposit of $200 to secure your bees, this deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind, but if for whatever reason we cannot produce the bees, this deposit will be fully refunded.

Important Information: Staff at kiwimana will visually inspect colony for health before pick up with you, however once the colony leaves the Apiary, the are no guarantees given. You will receive a FREE course of Api Life Var treatment.

1 review for Beekeeping Beginners Kit…with Bees…

  1. john minnee (verified owner)

    a good beginners kit with lovely docile bees.
    Have settled well after a three hr road trip

  2. Margaret Groot (verified owner)

    Hi Ripai, you would need to check with your local council as to rules or bylaws which apply to having a Beehive in your area. In Auckland you can have beehives in both rural and urban areas without rerstriction but they have a nuisance bylaw which just means there are a few rules to follow – one deals with flight-path – place the hives so they don’t interfere with folks walking by. Yes beginner kits with Bees are bred in Spring and usually ready around November – we have a free newsletter and if you join that and the waitlist for the beginner kit with bees you will be emailed when they are back in stock – we will be taking orders for them around July August 2019. We have some free articles to help beginner beekeepers to get started and what to be aware of – here is a link to the first one : here is the link to the second one : Here is the link to the third one :….To discuss more happy for you to call (09) 810 9965. Thanks. Regards Margaret and Gary…it’s the kiwimana buzz…

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