Eyelets For Beekeeping frames

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Eyelets are used to extend the life of your wooden Beehive frames. They prevent the frame wire cutting into the wooden frames.

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These Red copper Eyelets are used to extend the life of your wooden Beehive frames, you insert them into the holes on the side of your Bee Hive frames. This prevents the wire cutting into the wood and also make its much easier to tension the wire correctly.

These make it much easier to look after your valuable bee hive frames that the bees have built out for years of use.

These are made from made of ‘red copper' for durability.

These come in two sizes, 2.3 mm (50 grams) and 2.9 mm (50 grams). We use the 2.9 mm ones for the frames we sell. The 2.3 mm may require glue for for them to sit in the frame holes.

How many frames can I build with 40 grams

Eyelets: 50g (2.3 mm), approximately 500 eyelets.
This will make approximately 83 Full sized frames (Three holes each side) or 125 3/4 Sized Frames (Two Holes Each side)

How to Wire a Beehive Frame with Eyelets

Here is a video where Gary shows you How to Wire a Beehive Frame with Eyelets. Eyelets are great way to save your frames from becoming damaged overtime by the wire digging into the frames.

We also show you how we embed wax foundation sheets into wired up wooden frames.

Installing Eyelets on Bee Frames with Nails

Here is video about using nails to install the 2.9 mm eyelets on Beehive Frames.

We use 19mm nails for this..

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 10 × 60 × 100 mm

2.9 mm, 2.3 mm

4 reviews for Eyelets For Beekeeping frames

  1. Dean Masher (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase, and the speed of delivery.

  2. Paul

    Have used these and in some frames holes are larger than the eyelets which causes a few issues – falling out and running along wire as you apply tension to wire .

  3. G Rudsdale (verified owner)

    Seem to be fine. The enclosed tool is really useful.

  4. Graeme Hunter (New Zealand) (verified owner)

    The eye lets were just perfect, if you are not sure about the size just get in contact they are very friendly and willing to help you.
    Regards Graeme

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