Manuka – The biography of an extraordinary honey

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This book is the story of Manuka honey in New Zealand by Cliff Van Eaton.

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From the earliest days to the billion dollar industry it is becoming today, this is a great book for beekeepers or anyone interesting in the history of this magical honey.

From the Publisher:

Manuka: The biography of an extraordinary honey chronicles the remarkable ‘rags-to-riches’ story of manuka honey, as seen through the eyes of a New Zealand beekeeping specialist who watched it unfold from the very beginning. It’s a great tale of science, in which an inquisitive university lecturer found something totally unexpected in a product everyone had written off. It’s also an entertaining account of the way that seemingly simple discovery caught the international media’s attention, helping enterprising New Zealanders to develop manuka honey-based products and take them all around the globe.

But above all else it’s a story of hope for the future, sounding a note of optimism in a world that for good reason feels saddened and sometimes even afraid about the future of the special relationship we humans have always had with those marvellous creatures, the honey bees.

You can listen to our interview with the author HERE

And Cliff reads sections from his book in this video we recorded:-

Finalist – 2015 Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize

“Manuka honey is a uniquely New Zealand product, valued here and internationally for its rich taste and therapeutic properties. In this delightful and surprising book Cliff Van Eaton tells the captivating story of the science behind the discovery of the antibiotic effects of manuka honey, with a focus on the scientists and beekeepers who have brought this product to the world.” ~ Judges’ comments

****Silver Medalist at the World Beekeeping Awards 2015****

Other reviews

  • “A fascinating book.” —, the world’s most popular beekeeping website
  • “Compulsive read.” – MindFood magazine
  • “There are things in this book even I didn’t know about manuka. I literally couldn’t put it down.” – Dr. Peter Molan, MBE, the discoverer of the unique antibacterial activity in manuka honey.
  • “A well-researched, superbly written book.” – NZ Beekeeper magazine
  • “A love letter to honey, bees and beekeepers.” – Kathryn Ryan, Nine to Noon, Radio New Zealand

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