Robbing Screen – Stop Robbing Wasps and Bees

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A Robbing Screen for your Bee Colony to help prevent wasps and other Honey Bees entering and robbing your Beehive of Honey.

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A Robbing Screen for your Bee Colony.

Are wasps an issue for your Bees colonies? Have you lost hives to these pesky little devils?
Maybe you have robbing bees trying to steal your girls Honey?

Do you need a way to help prevent Robbers attacking your bee colonies, try out the “kiwimana Robbing Screen.”

This screen is attached to front of your beehive over the entrance. It comes with a 90cm Bungy cord. The Bungy cord goes around the bottom box, this prevents the Robbing screen being blown off by the wind. Or removed by very strong wasp nests.  The screen sits on the landing board as photo shows, and is designed for a solid wood baseboard, mesh-board or baseboard with risers that finish the length of the hive-box only.

The Robbing Screen has three modes:-

  • Fully open entrance
  • Small opening, two bee spaces for an active robbing.
  • Closed Entrance (for extreme robbing incidents or when hive is being moved)
Wasp - photo credit: wolfpix cc
Wasp – photo credit: wolfpix cc

Wasps and other attackers tend to try and enter the entrance via the base of the Robbing Screen, due to the attraction to the scent of your colony.

Your resident bees work out the new screen. They clean and make it smell of the colony with propolis, they will adapt to the screen within a couple of days.

Place the screen on the hive at night – when all the girls are home – if you have time, you can close the access until the next morning. This will make your bees check-out the screen, then open access. Then you will see the girls take-off and re-orientate to the new entrance.

The Robbing screen also works to deter other robbing honey bees as well as common or German wasps.

The kiwimana robbing screen could also be used when moving hives in your apiary, the new entrance forces the field bees to re orientate to the new location.

The entrance is 405 mm wide and designed to fit a standard Langstroth 10 frame hive box, additional tape or wood may be required if you don’t have a standard entrance way. Custom units can be made on request.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.
Please note access cover can be either plastic or metal depending on availability.

Further Reading

Here is a paper from the University of California on how to Prevent Robbing:-
Preventing Robbing with a Robbing Screeen

Other methods to keep wasps our of your hives:-
German Wasps – How to Keep them out of your bee hives

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 405 × 140 × 50 mm

11 reviews for Robbing Screen – Stop Robbing Wasps and Bees

  1. Wendy morrice (verified owner)

    This has been great for wasp control. My hive was getting really hammered by the little devils. As soon as I put the screen on the girls could easily fight back and keep them at bay. Great product Gary

  2. Maryanne Pomare (verified owner)

    Well made product can rest assure my hive will not get robbed like in the past

  3. Melva Ward (verified owner)

    These screens will be better than my usual method of blocking up the entrance because they still allow air flow. Its not just wasps that bother my girls, one year roaming bees were about when we opened them in Autumn and we had to block them up very small, these will also prevent that situation. They are also well made.

  4. Shona (verified owner)

    The screens are brilliant. Have already managed to bamboozle the early hatch of European Wasps. The only problem we have over here (Melbourne) is all of us had to modify the screens to suit the Hive Box. Was only a matter of putting another piece of wood at both sides to narrow it. A two second job. Otherwise, we are all thrilled with them. Great product.

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    These robbing screens are fantastic, giving peace of mind to the bees and me. We don’t have problems with wasps or robber bees when the screens are in place.

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    Early days for me at this stage. Seems to be working very well so far. Bees found their way through no problem.

  7. Alan Morton (verified owner)

    Works well, simple to use, and saves me watching out for a burst of robbing when I have better things to do. 🙂

  8. Richard (verified owner)

    well made

  9. Neil Goldsworthy (verified owner)

    Nice tool for the upcoming spring and summer season looking forward to see how well it works cheers

  10. Gary Moore (verified owner)

    This is a new Lifestyler and positioned the Screen three days after installing the NUC
    The girls took 2 days to adjust then were landing on the top of the screen like fighters on a aircraft carrier. Too early to make an observation but can see the advantage of not allowing direct access into the hive

  11. Lisa Allen (verified owner)

    I purchased two screens, one for each hive. They fit easily across the entrance, and with the bungee cord, sit nice and flat against the entrance. The girls adjusted to it immediately and I know this will save me a lot of work later in the season. Thank you as always, for quality products that protect our girls!

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