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This screened bottom board is designed and built to help in the fight against the Varroa Mite. We have designed the Kiwimana meshboard to fit the Langstroth type hive.

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This Screened Bottom Board is designed and built to help in the fight against the Varroa Mite. We have designed the Kiwimana meshboard to fit the Langstroth type hive dimensions.

The upper section of the “Kiwimana Meshboard” is produced from New Zealand locally sourced renewable wood. The meshboard comes in either pine or macrocarpa.

Macrocarpa is one of the most naturally durable exotic softwoods grown in New Zealand. It is resistant to insect and borer attack in its sawn form. The legs of the Screened Bottom Board are made from treated pine.

The mesh is made from stainless steel and the holes are 2.5mm x 2.5mm. The boards have been painted with Linseed oil to further preserve them. We have been using these Screened Bottom Board for years.

Benefits of a Screened Bottom Board

  1. A Screened Bottom Board can be used as part of a natural way to reduce the Varroa destructor mite. The falling mites goes through the mesh and lands on the ground and die and, as the bees enter the hive from the landing board, it will prevent the mites from re-attaching themselves to another bee.
  2. The Kiwimana Meshboard can provide the hive with a temperature controller and an air circulation system. This works by allowing the air into the hive thus reducing the need for fanning over summer which is required to keep the temperature within the hive down. The increased air circulation means that you will reduce the amount of condensation in the hive over winter.
  3. The Kiwimana Meshboard can be used for monitoring the Varroa Count by using a recycled corflute inspection board (supplied) which can slide in and out from the rear so as not to interfere with the flightpath of the bees.

Keep your bees healthy this Beekeeping season with this great addition to your hive.

The board dimensions are 560mm x 410mm x 120mm and it weighs around 5 kg.

Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 580 × 480 × 140 mm

macrocarpa, pine

14 reviews for Screened Bottom Board – The Kiwimana Meshboard

  1. Wendy – Auckland

    My meshboards work a treat and help me keep an eye on what’s happening

    I would heartily recommend the kiwimana mesh boards!!

    Wendy – Auckland

  2. Paul

    Hi Gary,

    I fitted the bottom-board last night (to replace a solid one) and the main thing I’ve noticed is that the bees aren’t bearding anywhere like they were before. The hive is in a north-facing location and has clear sun from around 1000 – 1600 at this time of year.

    My local bee-mentor (who supplied the nuc) uses mesh bottom-boards and she has quite a lot of bearding so we put it down to genetics. However this environmental change does seem to have changed the bee’s behaviour dramatically.

    My main comments would be that it is a substantial piece of equipment, well designed and made. And after this morning’s ABC demo’s on Varroa monitoring the counting-board insert will be very useful for drop-tests.

    Paul – Auckland

  3. Hilton & Melva (verified owner)

    we are really pleased with our new bases, love having the mat below to pull out and check out the varroa population, also nice to be able to know the bees are not walking through debris, so much cleaner for them.


  4. Bruce F (verified owner)

    All good and as promised.
    NB I am converting it to a front opening tray as my hive is up against a wall so Garry, you may consider offering this as an option?
    Thanks – Bruce F

  5. Alan (verified owner)

    I have just purchased a second screened bottom board ready for a hive split in the spring. I find the removable sticky board really handy when wanting to keep an eye on the drop of varroa. So quick to do with the magnifying glass. I also used the Kiwimana robbing screen in conjunction with the screened bottom board and this year my hive wasn’t robbed out. I can recommend both products.
    Alan – Kerikeri

  6. Debbie Colebourne (verified owner)

    I was so impressed at how beautifully made the bottom board is, cant wait to use it when my new queen arrives

  7. Kat (verified owner)

    I purchased a bottom/mesh board from Kiwimana…awesome results straight away, within hours the dirty dirty little varoa could be counted easy as…..also, not having to open the box up annoying the girls is the best..
    Thanks Gary and Margaret

  8. Josh (verified owner)

    This is my second kiwimana baseboard purchase. No need to say anymore… Till I get some splits and need to buy more.

  9. James Elliott (verified owner)

    This should be made compulsory! This is such a handy piece of kit for monitoring varroa fall. Not only after treating, but also the varroa that slip/fall off naturally. When using a traditional flat bottom base, the varroa can reattach themselves to the bees as they walk across the floor. Not so easy with the screen board. Quality product, great value.

  10. David Smith (verified owner)

    Hi these vented bottom boards are the best I have seen. They are the only ones. They allow easy monitoring of varoa mite numbers and keep the hive cool in summer.

    They also make it easy to use oxcylic acid vaporizer for more natural varoa managment.

  11. Michael (verified owner)

    I am really impressed how well the bottom board has been designed and made. I have slightly modified by replacing the white flu/sticky board with aluminium flat tray, this permits me to place the varroa vaporizer tool on the tray in from the rear, then when the vaporizer tool is removed, it is replaced with the sticky board, which when contaminated I can then take to my microscope to examine in comfort, and not leaving the hive open at the bottom in cold weather.

  12. Josh (verified owner)

    Already got two, just got two more. Well made, and the slide board makes it really easy to seal up for OA treatments

    • Margaret Groot (verified owner)

      That’s great news Josh, thanks for your feedback. Regards, Margaret and Gary…it’s the kiwimana buzz…

  13. Bryan Lang (verified owner)

    This screened bottom board is the best of the best – really top notch product – I bought 3 and my bees are loving it now that the weather has finally warmed up

  14. Nic Lawson (verified owner)

    I am totally impressed with the workmanship. It is well crafted and a top quality product. I will be placing it on my hive as soon as the weather clears.

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