The kiwi LIFESTYLER…Long Bench Hive

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$650.00 (GST Included)

Price Inclusive. 3 week lead time. A Beehive purpose-built to include ‘Four Seasons of Beekeeping’ in one ‘hive-box’. Designed for the keeper of Honey Bees in the 21st Century. Fits Easy to inspect Hoffman style frames. Comes with easily moveable “divider-boards” which are used to change space.

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Price Inclusive


  • Aluminium ‘A' Frame roof
  • Stainless Steel Mesh floor
  • Stainless / marine grade catches
  • Aluminium Inspection Boards x 3 Marked Cross Sections
  • Entrance on Left-Side with Cover
  • Fits 32 Frames (full depth Hoffman Style – not included)
  • Viewing window with wooden cover
  • Divider Boards – x3
    Important Notes

  • Meets NZ legal requirements
  • Does not include frames (use with standard Full-Depth Hoffman frames – sold separately)
  • Does not include Bees
  • Does not include hive-stand (sold separately)

Four Seasons of Beekeeping in one hive-box


kiwi_lifestyler_endTo capture population growth
To enable capturing the ‘Swarm Effect” with an extra entrance at far end.


capacity to manage nectar flow and honey frame production


to capture population decline and enables’Wintering down’


…Honey storage


The kiwi LIFESTYLER can be located on a deck, either attached to a strong railing with a proper structural brace, or you can choose to buy the purpose-built hive-stand.

Aesthetically speaking “the kiwi LIFESTYLER” looks good, and to impress your friends – comes with a viewing window.

viewing_windowThe viewing window has a hinged-cover so as to keep the Bees happy and in the dark, but sheds light on them when your friends or family come over. The viewing window is positioned on the rear of the hive so will not interfere with the girls flight-path. (Margaret has positioned a chair by the viewing window so she can just sit and watch the girls at her leisure).

The gently sloping ‘A’ shape roof is easy to clean as its made from aluminium with a gloss that can be wiped-down to keep it looking crisp. The eaves designed wider than the box to create a drip-line which sits out far enough to protect the landing board from rain run-off and keeps the hive from getting damp.

The front-entrance has a landing board which comes with a bracket to hold a “Robbing Screen” or an entrance-reducer (not included).

The far side has an entrance with a simple rotating cover, designed for your annual split. Capped Honey Frames can be stored on this side and the cover can be turned to enable air-flow. The cover, simply turned to desired opening-size is easy to close-off, when not in use.

The internal features include 6 small hive mats, carefully shaped to fit snugly into a raised-edging to ensure no ‘bee-escaping’ whilst closed.

Varroa Mite Management

aluminium_inspection_boards_x_3_marked_cross_sectionsThe base has 3 meshed floor sections each section has an insertable/removeable inspection-board.

The beauty of the design of the inspection-boards is to make Varroa checks and treatments simple and easy, this is because the inspection-boards can be accessed from the rear of the hive, so your work will not to interfere with the girls flight-path.

In terms of varroa monitoring – you can do ‘natural mite fall’ counts over 24 or 48 hours by merely oiling the inspection-board's which will trap mites (grid pattern to help counts)…so easy to see what’s happening without having to open the whole hive. This is a great way to check the mite levels in Winter.

In terms of treatments – inspection-boards can also be used in conjunction with the kiwi vaporizer (using Oxalic acid crystals heat-transfer method). By simply placing the vaporizer on the inspection-board and inserting it, etc. This means you can do the treatment in a non-invasive manner any time of the year.

Other Features

The hive comes with 3 moveable “divider-Boards”, designed to be able to be moved around to change space easily for different times of the year. They fit each section so as to prevent bees adventuring into other parts of the hive.

Bonus under the roof, is space – you can look at storing Some of your tools. The roof space comes with two plastic-mesh vented holes at each end.

multiple_hivematsOn the rear side which has the viewing window, there are some slots which are designed for the Bee Frame Holder. This feature was added to enable holding frames while inspecting, so no bending-down required. From a hygienic beekeeper practice, it means that your frames will not get any bacteria from being on the ground and also you won’t stand on them !

Because you are working at one level it saves your back. You only need to lift individual frames not entire boxes.

Easy to conduct hive-inspections.

In our view, this is Beekeeping with ease, great for the Beekeeper and the Bees, all year round.

NB: This product comes assembled and is Pick-Up ONLY.

*** This product also has a Three week lead time ***

Videos about the kiwi LifeStyler

Margaret talks about Bee Season 2016 and the Kiwi LifeStyler Hive.

Moving Bees to a Long Bench Hive

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Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 500 × 500 mm

8 reviews for The kiwi LIFESTYLER…Long Bench Hive

  1. Lisa Morrissey (verified owner)

    A beautifully made product. Royal accomodation for my bees with versatile components that will make it easier to manage my bees.

  2. Greg (verified owner)

    This unit is great for me saves my back, is still bee keeping and enjoyable, Gary’s is extremely well made a great viewing window,

  3. Trish (verified owner)

    I love my new hive.
    I put off getting into bees for years because I knew my back would not be able to handle.
    Now I can get started. It has everything i wanted in a hive.
    I love the observation window and cant wait to be able to show my grandkids how bees live.

  4. Glenn (verified owner)

    This hive design is really innovative of outstanding workmanship a product of excellent quality – I am looking forward to starting a new colony in it without the bending and lifting required from the more traditional hives I have kept. I can now look forward to many years of enjoyment with my bee keeping – well into my old age!
    This unit will not be the last that I purchase.

  5. Bruce (verified owner)

    An innovative hive and very well constructed. Opens up a new way (for us) of approaching beekeeping and getting an overall view of the hive activity and health without having to do this box by box.
    We also hope to be able to harvest smaller lots of honey through the season reflecting the flowers (and tastes) the bees are visiting at the time.
    Margaret & Gary’s enthusiasm for their products is infectious and as always they are very helpful with their advice they walked us through how to set up and mange the hive

  6. Angela O’ Brien (verified owner)

    A very impressive hive, well constructed and alot of thought put into the design. Having everything that is needed for a succesful hive.

  7. Gary Moore (verified owner)

    Most impressed. Has everything at waist height, essential for those of us who suffer with back problems so consider buying the Stand as well. A lot of thought has gone into
    this and the quality of workmanship is excellent. I’ll keep you posted on progress as time goes by as the Hive has only started from the 1st Dec 2017

  8. Graham Ardern (verified owner)

    Love my new Lifestyler I have build the stand and queen excluder can’t wait to get bees into it.
    Big thanks to Margaret and Gary and the guy who built the lifestyle fantastic job.😋

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