Uncapping Knife – Thermostat Controlled

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An uncapping knife is an a great tool to remove the layer of wax capping from your Honey frames, when you are ready to extract your honey.

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Frame is uncapped with Uncapping KnifeA uncapping knife is used to uncap the wax layer that the bees cover their honey with. The electric uncapping knifes have a thermostat inside that heats the knife blade, and makes it easier to melt/cut through the cappings.

When it’s time to uncap your honey you will need a fast easy way to remove the laying of wax over the honey. You can use a Capping Scratcher or you can make the process much easier by using an Uncapping Knife.

The knife is like a large bread knife that is connected to the power, the blade heats up and this makes the blade glide across the wax covering on the frames. You then use an extractor to remove the honey from the frames.

These knives have a variable thermostat for different wax types, you can adjust the temperature of the blade. The handle contains a digital display to indicate the current temperature, and unlike other Thermostat Controlled Uncapping Knives you can set your ideal temperature on the control panel.

We also sell a manual one that doesn’t heat up, change the type to choose that one.

The knife operates in the voltage range of 220-250v, The plug (pictured) is the standard plug for Australia and New Zealand. Other countries may require an adapter.

Never immerse the electrical uncapping Knife in water, wipe clean between frames.

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5 reviews for Uncapping Knife – Thermostat Controlled

  1. Errol (verified owner)

    I used my honey knife for the first time today and it went very well. So I am quite satisfied with your product. The last one I had kept blowing the LCD every 3 – 4 minutes (Very frustrating).

    So the knife is a Great improvement!….Regards Errol

  2. Jim Hepburn (verified owner)

    Super service and product.

  3. Brenton

    excellent product and great service and follow up

  4. Donald Stockwell

    The capping knife works well. Pity it has no thermostat as that would make it a brilliant product.

  5. Lee-Anne Kane (verified owner)

    Works well

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