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Springing Along with Hoppity – KM076

Springing Along with Hoppity PodcoverThis week we are talking about Bee Friendly Plants, 7 Amazing Bee Facts and Russian Plane Attack. This is Episode seventy six of our beekeeping podcast.

This executive producers for this months show are Lauren Hoffman and Aaron Jennings from Jennings Apiaries

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  • Hopping along not much Beekeeping happening for me
  • Sorry been out of action and not being in the workshop
  • Reading Orren Fox's book who we are interviewing this Saturday
  • It was Kevins Inglin Birthday from the The Beekeeper's Corner Podcast last week, Happy Birthday Kevin
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Kevin Inglin
Happy Birthday Kev!!!!


  • Margaret has been busy doing DECA checks for customers
  • Oxalic Acid Vaporization with a vaporizer, here is a link to our instructions HERE
  • Api Life Var
  • Article about Robert “Bert” Manley from 1930's who used Thyme in Sugar Syrup is HERE
  • Some Tips on growing Thyme

Blog Recap – Top three Blog Posts Last Month


  1. The team at Jennings Apiaries – Aaron and Lauren
  2. CCD in New Zealand? Take me down to the Parasite City
  3. Filming the bees with Bill Catherall from The beevlog

Beekeeping News

A great article from the Victoria Advocate, the Second-oldest newspaper in Texas ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Most die young ๐Ÿ™
  2. They work Hard
  3. They help farmers
  4. They like company
  5. They have a long history
  6. Bees have rhythm – Bee Dances
  7. Stings are Fatal – To the Bee that is.

A typical homeowner gets a little freaked out of if he finds a massive swarm of bees on his house or somewhere in his yard. The temptation might be to break out the bug spray or a garden hose.

7 amazing things you should know about honeybees

A good article from the Mother Nature Network. Most of names seemed to the American ones. Does Margaret our gardener know the New Zealand equivalent?

    HoneyBee On Aster Flower

  • Dandelion
  • Asters
  • Lemon Balm
  • Black Eyes Susan
  • Purple Cone Flower
  • Snap Dragons
  • Sunflowers
  • Yarrow
  • Zinnias

Avid gardeners take note: It's never too late to get out your shovel and start planting flowers to help bolster the honeybee population, which is in danger of extinction. Widespread colony collapse disorder is due to environmental stress stemming from overuse of pesticides as well as parasitic attacks, according to experts. This affects not just the honeybees but also our food supply.

9 honeybee-friendly plants

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Joyce Kennedy – that bee looks a bit waspish. Good article.

A run down of ten beekeeping books that “how 2 Bee” recommend. Some great books here, some that we own.

BeeforDummiesBeekeeping isn't something where you just buy a kit and get right to it. Well, actually you could, but your colony would probably suffer a horrific death rather quickly. So stand on the shoulders of giants and learn about beekeeping with the many affordable beekeeping books written by experts in the field.

Top 10 Beekeeping Books of All Time

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Natural Beekeeping Tasmania – Some nice reading there.

A great New Zealand book is:-

Great post from the Soil Association website. A great primer on neonicotinoids today.

Today is the first anniversary of the two-year EU-wide restrictions on certain neonicotinoid pesticides.

The restrictions were an important first step, but further action is urgently needed to protect UK pollinators.

10 common myths about neonicotinoids and bees

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Donna Trott – It is poison

A great new invention from a local kiwi company.

HivemindA Christchurch company is using modern software to transform one of the world's oldest professions – beekeeping.

Hivemind creates technology to track the health and weight of beehives. They sell a software and hardware package: scales that sit beneath the beehives, and a software program that collates the changing weights of the hives and communicates it by satellite to the beekeepers.

Hivemind beekeeping technology

They website can be found HERE

More crazy media reports about a harmless Bee Swarm landing on a Jet plane in Russia. Wow two Ambulance’s were called.

Russian plane attacked by beesI guess people were frightened by the bees. But the bees were not engaged in an attack. It was a harmless swarm, rather common at this time of year. It is doubtful they planned to entomb the plane in wax and honey or turn it into a hive.

Russian plane attacked by bees

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John Dickson – attack phfff

Questions from you…

How to keep wasps away from a bee hive – Zane – Brisbane
Some ideas HERE

Api Life VarWhere to buy Api Life Var in New Zealand – Chris – Auckland
We sell it HERE

How to assemble a New Zealand kitset beehive – Heidi – Nelson
Some Great tips on this article HERE

Hi guys, really loving listening to your podcasts as I'm over here beekeeping in Canada. I thought of a great idea yesterday – bee frames made from bamboo. Looks like someone is already trialing it HERE What do you think? – Lisa – Canada

If you have a question, email and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it.

Feedback from you guys!!!


Fantastic and awesome bee podcast – Chauci520 – 5 Stars – United States of America

Good bee information and new episodes regularly. They talk funny and are a bit bananas but you get used to it. Although they are in En Zed land and their seasonal topics are 6 months ahead of the yanks they do cover bee news and interview beekeepers from around the world. Best beekeeping podcast. helpful tip: Mish Board=screened bottom board Gary, Margaret.. keep up the good work!! Steven in Oklahoma – Friday, 7 August 2015


Love the podcast, I listened to every episode, enjoy your topics, sound quality, guests, and the “Awesome” Margaret . Also you should go off on a tangent all you want, it makes it real!

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Gary enjoys designing new kiwimana products which we sell through our on-line shop.He is passionate about saving the Bees and encouraging urban beekeeping.Gary loves to write about issues that affect the Bees and our environment.He is also into tramping/walking in the beautiful New Zealand bush.

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