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Good article, but I don't agree that the Green Partys concerns about CCD and unfounded, why wait until we have it to address the issue. Isn't that like building a fire engine when you have a fire to fight?

And good luck trying to get Bayer to change its products? “had a minimal effect on bee” it has been shown that even a small amount of these chemical killers are killers to bees. It would be great if Bayer could change their products to have no effect on bees.

The New Zealand bee industry is in good heart and in good health, but there are challenges ahead, according to an industry representative.

Although varroa was widespread throughout the country, diseases such as European foulbrood, small hive beetle and Israel acute paralysis virus were present in Australia, but have not yet been found in New Zealand, National Beekeepers Association (NBA) joint chief executive Daniel Paul said.

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