Organic Legion – Commercial Bee Farms Feed GM High Fructose Corn Syrup to Bees

Why would you feed GM corn products? Is this really helping the bees? A quick premise for the people that do not know who Monsanto is and what is high fructose corn syrup: Monsanto is the leading producer of biochemical products and the world’s largest seed company. It has monopolized agriculture and our food with[…]Read More

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Interview with Gilles Ratia in The Bay of Plenty Times

A great article from the Bay of Plenty Times about Gilles Ratia’s work. Mankind must heed the message of the bees and switch from conventional to organic systems of agriculture believes Gilles Ratia, of France, who is president of Apimondia, the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations. Organics: Beekeeper’s buzzword – Rural News – Bay of[…]Read More

Posted on – Much more to bee industry than just producing honey

Good article, but I don’t agree that the Green Partys concerns about CCD and unfounded, why wait until we have it to address the issue. Isn’t that like building a fire engine when you have a fire to fight? And good luck trying to get Bayer to change its products? “had a minimal effect on[…]Read More

Posted on – Why The Bee Team Is The A Team

Good article and comments from John Hartnell the Federated Farmers Bees spokesperson. Since 2000, Varroa has seen the loss of at least 200,000 bee colonies. Federated Farmers believes it doesn’t matter what hat farmers wear; sheep, kiwifruit, mohair or dairy, all farmers are on the bee team, which is actually, New Zealand’s A team. “Last[…]Read More

Posted on – Green Party Advisory: Bee hives come to the Beehive

Yay for Ms Kedgley, great to see one politician is doing something to help the bees, before CCD takes a hold in New Zealand and destroys our agriculture industry. Green Party MP Sue Kedgley is launching a petition today calling on the Government to immediately suspend the use of pesticides which are implicated in bee[…]Read More

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Organic Bee Keepers have no losses from CCD

Hi All, Interesting article from the Organic Consumers Association about the lack of CCD losses by Organic Bee Keepers. Coincidence? I Think Not. Maybe intensive farming of Honey Bees isn’t the way to go? Check out the full article here:- Thanks…Gary

Posted on – Beekeepers concerned about varroa resistance

This is another reason, why we as Beekeepers need to find alternatives to using chemical treatments in our hives. Beekeepers are concerned about reports of varroa mite showing resistance to chemical treatments in some hives around Auckland and the Waikato. Varroa is the biggest killer of bees world-wide. The Beekeepers Association says the anecdotal evidence[…]Read More

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Bijensterfte – Slovenia bans neonicotinoids after massive bee deaths in Pomurje region

Sad to hear about all those bees deaths, but good news that the Slovenia Government have acted. Shame the New Zealand Government still hasn’t banned neonicotinoids in Clean Green New Zealand… Ljubljana, 28 April 2011 (STA) – The government of Slovenia issued a temporary ban Thursday on seeds treated with neonicotinoid pesticides which have caused[…]Read More

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NZ Herald News – Overworked bees under attack

A good article from the New Zealand Herald about CCD and the state of Bees in New Zealand. When you look at the varroa mite, New Zealand agriculture and horticulture will be paying for that for the rest of their lives. John Hartnell, Federated Farmers Bees chairman As you flop back into the sun lounger[…]Read More

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